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SOP Management

SOP Management is boring, right? And SOPs don’t generate profit, just take a lot of time?

Well at Whale we don’t believe that’s true.

We’re rewriting (excuse the pun) the SOP game. 

We believe;

SOPs power business growth
SOPs can be interesting
SOPs can be written by anyone, not just top-level management (in fact ideally not only by top-level management)
EVERYONE should have access to SOPs when and where needed

Want to know how to write SOPs? How to maximize return on investment with them? Where to get started?

We’ve put together the most relevant articles on SOPs based on questions we’re often asked by customers.

The difference between process, SOPs, and work instructions

The difference between process, SOPs, and work instructions

You’d be forgiven for being confused if you don’t know the difference between process, SOPs, and work instructions.

For starters, let’s start with the overall objective of all these documents. Essentially, they all aim to improve a business’s efficiency and quality of work. But they have different functions in order to help do that.

How to review your SOPs

How to review your SOPs and company documentation 

Why on earth would you need to review your SOPs? 🤔 Surely once you’ve gone through the challenge and effort of assimilating your company processes and SOPs, that’s enough?

SOPs are a vital part of your company’s life force and are bound to change along with the company’s growth.