Knowledge doesn’t matter Unless it’s shared

Growing your technology business doesn’t need to be chaotic.

Whale 🐋 is a knowledge-sharing tool that centralizes all of your standard operating procedures, policies, and internal knowledge.

Goal? Train your employees better and grow your teams.

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Put your company knowledge to work

Save your team several hours a week, and even thousands a year, by delivering knowledge in their moment of need with our web application, chrome extension, slack bot and more.

Create your playbooks in a matter of minutes

Creating company information shouldn’t be boring! Specific templates for technology companies and a powerful editor make it easy to get knowledge out of your experts’ heads and into a simple and visually attractive hub.


Onboard, train, and support your team efficiently

Scale your team quickly by automating knowledge flows. This means the information they need flows seamlessly to the right person at the right time with assignments, and suggestions.

A single source of truth that's always up-to-date

Expert reviews, knowledge gap insights, and reporting dashboards help you understand what’s working and what’s not.


Knowledge flows

Automate what and how knowledge should flow to your teams so you can streamline the onboarding and training process of your new hires.

Boards, Libraries & Playbooks
Simple yet powerful editor that helps your create easy to digest content
Simple yet powerful editor that helps your create easy to digest content
Google & Onedrive
Connect existing content and create a central source of truth
Draw inspiration on more than 75+ templates and roll out new SOPs and policies in minutes
Web Extension
Capture k nowledge from anywhere on the web and easily b ring it into Whale
Video & Screen Recorder
Embed video or record your screen and create engaging step -by- step video tutorials
Gif & Image Library
Pick from thousands of gif 's and images to add some extra "oomph" to your content

Why IT & Software Companies 💙 Whale

Centralized & organized team knowledge

Whale keeps company knowledge centralized and consistent, sharing information across teams at the moment of need.

Streamlined employee onboarding

Create a seamless employee onboarding experience with automated onboarding, giving new employees all the information they need to know.


Team members spend on average 2 hours a week looking for information? Improve efficiency with automated knowledge-sharing.

Empowered work culture

Teams and organizations thrive when employees feel empowered. Whale ensures team members have the information they need when they need it.

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I like that everything is in one location, and all departments can find how things are done across other departments and collaborate efficiently.

Koen Lepez

CEO | Direct

Use Whale for more than just employee onboarding