What would you do with an extra month in your business?

On average, it takes businesses at least 6 weeks to document, organize and systematize their processes. We’ll do it for you in 2 weeks or less— a value of $1900 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

A team that receives assignments and training while working

Get a month of your life back!

This month, in partnership with Traction Tools, Whale is offering all Traction Tool clients FREE content migration and coaching & training services. To the value of $1900! 


Is your existing content scattered and hard to find? Whale's migration service helps you import existing content into our all-in-one knowledge tool for easy access and organized processes.


Don’t have the time or resources to create content? With Whale's documentation service, our experts help to get processes and Standard Operating Procedures out of your head and into Whale.

Coaching and Training

Need guidance with your Whale roll out? Our coaching and training services offers virtual 1-1 video calls with a dedicated Customer Service Manager to make your onboarding and adoption as smooth as possible.

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Why EOS® companies 💙 Whale?

Centralize and organize your branch processes and SOPs

Easily document all of your processes, SOPs, and company policies in one single source of truth

Onboard new hires with ease

Create a seamless employee onboarding and training experience, giving new employees all the information they need, when they need it. 


Improve efficiency and generate consistent results

Did you know that team members spend on average 2 hours a week looking for information? With Whale gain insights in your team’s knowledge gaps and spot areas for improvement.

Create an empowered work culture

Teams thrive when employees feel empowered and when your teams thrive, customers thrive too! Whale ensures your team members deal with customers in a consistent way that promotes customer excellence and clients for life!


Save a lot of time building your team’s playbooks with our native integrations, content migration service and process templates.

Send assignments and create learning flows to onboard and train your employees when and where they need it.

Assign subject-matter-experts to create and improve your content based on their areas of expertise and ensure a culture of continuous improvement.

Whale is a leader in Training Management Systems on G2

Users love Whale on G2

Whale is a leader in Small-Business Training Management Systems on G2

Whale is a leader in Small-Business Standard Operating Procedures on G2

Whale Reviews

Whale Reviews


Process is often described as the “secret ingredient” and the most crucial component in EOS but it feels impossible to get right! Even if you DO find a solution, there’s months or even years’ worth of content that needs to be captured and organized.

But what if you could snap your fingers, win back a month of your life AND unlock the next level of growth in your business?

The arm around the shoulder you've been looking for

Optimizing company knowledge can be hard, but our team is here to lead the way.

Whether you’re just starting your documentation journey or are looking to leverage what you already have, our success services will help you get the most from your knowledge base.

Whale helps in getting every single person on the same page, so that consistency and scalability are at the forefront. Not only does our solution help in creating and maintaining your process documentation, but we also make sure that your teams are properly trained on them, so they are truly followed by all.


Want to know how Whale can help you create a winning formula?

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