The solution for process & SOP documentation

Is your process documentation rock off track – again? Are your SOPs scattered between word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations?

With Whale’s process documentation and training platform, you can finally get a grip on your processes and ensure they are followed by all.


From the 11th of May till the 30th of June, in partnership with Traction Tools, Whale is offering all TT clients FREE content migration and coaching & training services – To the value of $1900!*


*conditions apply. Offer only valid for customers who sign up to a new Whale subscription year plan.

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Process is often described as the “secret ingredient” and the most crucial component in EOS® but it feels impossible to get right! Even if you DO find a solution, there’s months or even years’ worth of content that needs to be captured and organized.

But what if you could snap your fingers, win back several weeks, AND unlock the next level of growth in your business?

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The shortcut to getting it done in 2 weeks

This month, in partnership with Traction Tools, Whale is offering all Traction Tool clients FREE content migration and coaching & training services – To the value of $1900!*

Content Migration

Is your content scattered in different places? Whale’s migration service helps you import all your existing content into our all-in-one platform and optimizes it for easy access.

Process Coaching

Don’t know where or how to start? Our proven process helps you lay the foundation to embed process documentation and compliancy into your company culture.

Tool Training

Need guidance with your Whale roll out? Our training services offers virtual 1-1 video calls with a dedicated Customer Service Manager to make your onboarding and adoption as smooth as possible.

Save 12 weeks worth of time with our unique offer

It takes on average businesses 4 months to document, organize and systematize their processes. From the 11th of May till the 30th of June, Traction Tools users can delegate this tedious task—free of charge*

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Why EOS® companies 💙 Whale?

Whale is the all-in-one system for teams running on EOS® to help document your processes, train your teams, and build a foundation for growth.

Whale is a leader in Training Management Systems on G2

Users love Whale on G2

Whale is a leader in Small-Business Training Management Systems on G2

Whale is a leader in Small-Business Standard Operating Procedures on G2

Streamlined process & SOP documentation

No more digging through notebooks, documents and spreadsheets to find the right process. Easily document all of your processes, SOPs, and company policies in one single source of truth.

Easy new hire training

Create a seamless employee onboarding and training experience, giving new employees all the information they need, when they need it. 


Sweeping process scalability

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your documentation relevant and up-to-date with the built-in ownership and review system.

Clarity across all departments

Break down silos by giving team members access to the right process at the right time—regardless of department

Integrates with Traction Tools

Connect Whale with Traction Tools and 1000+ other tools to create a seamless experience.

Systemize and grow your business today with Whale

Schedule a personalized 1:1 and talk to a Whale expert about your unique process documentation needs.

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