AI-powered SOP and process documentation

Reclaim hours of your time by creating new procedures and policies with Whale’s AI-powered documentation platform.

Saving time for 1000s of teams already

Using technology to increase teams' efficiency

Reduce human error and oversight

Reduce operational errors by at least 10%​

Speed up procedure documentation


Create new SOPs and policies in seconds

Harness the power of AI to craft new industry-specific procedures and policies tailored to your preference of detail.


Customize at will ✏️

Customize your procedures with Whale’s intuitive editor and improve your content using text, videos, GIFs, images, and much more.


Easy to access and maintain 🙌

Share and manage all your company knowledge in one single source of truth and keep everything up-to-date with ease.

AI Generated Quiz

Test your team effortlesly

Tailor-made to meet your team’s unique learning needs, our AI technology dynamically creates quizzes from your documented procedures and processes.


Unlock Next-Level Search with AI

Conversational Search

Experience precision like never before

Meet Alice, our intelligent chatbot. Our advanced natural language processing doesn’t just recognize your search terms, it comprehends them. This innovation delves deeply into your Whale account’s content, ensuring that your search results are not only accurate but extraordinarily relevant. Get information on all of your company’s processes way quicker.

It worked for 1000's of teams. It will work for you.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 205, and you have a bunch of SOPs lying around or are completely new to the documentation game.

Two women engaging in a training session, discussing processes and procedures.

Cindi Bohrer
Director of Operations, Avior Wealth

The woman is using her knowledge to follow SOP procedures while sitting in front of a computer screen.

Lisa Laluk
Director of Operations, Elmwood Agency

A man undergoing training processes with a blue video screen.

Luïs Van de Pontseele
Scalability Manager, Hubr

Your first step in getting your teams on the same page

And keeping them there.