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This milk splash PNG image demonstrates the importance of proper handling and cleanliness in milk processing. It serves as a visual representation for employee training on SOPs to enhance their knowledge of best practices.


Explore your processes and SOPs with ease.

Search and find SOPs in seconds

Find the forest through the trees with our search functionality.

Ask Alice anything

Meet Alice, you can ask her anything to get all your questions answered in seconds.

Navigate through your content

Leverage the power of AI to write a first draft of a procedure or policy.

Read assignments

Read assignments to stay up to date of the content that is sent to you.


Access your favorite content with ease.

Comment and Collaborate

Add comments, mention team members, and work efficiently as a team.

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Download the Mobile app​

Explore the Whale mobile app and take your documentation with you wherever you go.

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The Extension

Explore the Whale Chrome Extension and access your documentation on every website.