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If you can relate to any of this, Whale is for you.

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Whale is easy as  1-2-3!

The simple and complete training and knowledge-sharing solution for growing businesses.


Out of your head and into an organized single source of truth

Create new procedures and policies in seconds with over 100+ templates, a powerful editor, AI Assist™, and our setup services.


Kickstart your documentation with 100+ pre-built SOP and policy templates. 📚

Rich Editor

Create content with our built-in screen recorder or embed docs in one click. ✍️

AI Assist™

Leverage the power of AI to help you write any procedure in a matter of seconds. 🤖⚡


Reduce employee orientation and training time by 59% 

Streamline and automate your new hire onboarding and training journey and set your employees up for success with all the knowledge they need.

Training Flows

Design custom training journeys for different teams and roles in an automated way. 🌊

Chrome Extension

Give your team access to your content from within any software, website, or portal. 👩‍💻

Unified Search

Easily find the knowledge you need with our quick and advanced search. 🔎

A screenshot of the sales dashboard, Searching SOP & Process Documentation


Analyze team performance and ensure consistency

Discover new actionable insights and continuously improve so you can grow your team by design


Assess your team's knowledge with timely and automated quizzes.❔


Measure the performance of your content and teams with actionable insights. 📊

Experts Reviews

Engage your subject matter experts to verify your content remains up to date. 🧠

Quiz organization and management utilizing Whale the SOP & process Training tool.

Whale, now accessible right at your fingertips as a mobile app.

Take your processes out into the field! Leverage your Whale documentation any time and any place with our brand new app.

Whale mobile app - the ultimate SOP and Training tool for whale enthusiasts.

See how Whale helps companies train & scale

Trust engine that serves as a SOP and training tool created by Julia Lindley.
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How Trust Engine grew 650% remotely
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How Kidwell connects and scales with Whale
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How Avior Wealth trains teams across 8 locations

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From onboarding to monthly 1-on-1s, our award-winning🥇 customer experience team is ready to help you create, train and elevate your team.

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Change is hard. You and your expert will design a clear step-by-step strategy to make a big impact as quickly as possible.

I don’t have the time

Your expert will teach you our proven framework on how to create impactful documentation with very little overhead.

I don't know how to get it organized

Your content is scattered across different places or in another system? No worries; our team will migrate and optimize your content into an organized single source of truth.

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