Train and scale your team without the chaos

Build a central source of truth for all your processes, SOPs, and best practices — so you can onboard, train, and get everyone on the same page with Whale.

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Trusted by growing small and medium sized teams

Unlock the next level of growth

Whale is the knowledge sharing and training platform designed to help
systemize and scale your business


A central place for all your processes, procedures and playbooks


Give new hires everything they need to thrive and ramp up quickly


A simple, all-in-one system to deliver team knowledge in the moment of need

Cut employee onboarding time in half

Streamline and automate your new hire onboarding and training. With Whale, knowledge finds the right person at the right time.

Out of your head and into a single source of truth

Centralize your processes, procedures and more across the organization within Whale so employees always have a single reference point for the answers they need.

Reinforce content in your ERP, CRM, Email and more

Surface your processes, best practices, and tool training in the apps your team already uses with the Whale Web Extension.

Start from a template - Modify however you want

Creating documentation shouldn’t be hard! 75+ templates and a powerful editor make it easy to get knowledge out of your experts’ heads and into a simple and visually attractive hub.

Assess your team's knowledge with timely quizzes

Focus on key areas of learning by triggering memory recall with quizzes. Identify knowledge gaps and further improve overall knowledge retention.

Create any company playbook in seconds with AI

Supercharge the creation of any playbook your company needs by simply prompting Whale’s AI Assist with the industry, the department and the type of policy or procedure needed.

Whale is a leader in Onboarding on G2
Whale is a leader in Knowledge Management on G2
Whale is a leader in Standard Operating Procedures on G2
Whale is a leader in Training Management Systems on G2
Whale is a leader in Small-Business Training Management Systems on G2

I like that everything is in one location, and all departments can find how things are done across other departments and collaborate efficiently.

Koen Lepez

CEO | Direct