Get your team aligned on how your company does things

Document and centralize your procedures and processes, train your team and manage one central source of truth for all your company knowledge.

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Have you been dealing with
  • slow new hire onboarding?
  • answering the same questions over and over?
  • scattered process documentation?
  • people making the same errors again and again?
  • not finding the time to document & train?
  • horribly outdated documentation?

Find out what fast, centralized & easy-to-follow documentation really looks like

A woman with dreadlocks diligently working on her laptop, proficiently utilizing software applications to create comprehensive documentation in adherence to standard operating procedures for employee training.

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Whale is the fastest way to increase efficiency


Centralize and standardize procedures and processes

Discover powerful features that allow you to create and centralize documentation in a matter of seconds, including AI Assist™, Screen Recorder and SOP templates.

A screen displaying a magnifying glass, providing visual aid for employee training on processes and SOPs.
A web page displaying a list of tasks, incorporating SOPs and Employee training processes, with a blue background.


Making documentation accessible to your increasingly efficient teams​​

Simplify your new employee onboarding and training process to ensure your team members start off on the right foot and thrive using Quizzes, Automated Training Flows, Suggestions and Read Assignments.


Keeping your company knowledge up to date, always​​

Harness the power of analytics and version control to ensure your processes remain current, enabling you to proactively enhance and refine them over time using Analytics, Groups & Permissions, Version History and Expert Update Cycles.

A screen with a list of items displayed, providing an organized overview of information or tasks based on established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Whale, accessible right at your fingertips as a mobile app

Take your processes out into the field! Leverage your Whale documentation any time and any place with our brand new app.

Finally get the results you want!

Reduce new hire ramp up time by up to 25%
Reduce operational errors by at least 10%
Unlock the next level of growth

Small and big teams rely on Whale.

Ranked #1 for ease-of-use and customer support, so there’ll be no more excuses to further delay documenting your company’s knowledge.

It worked for 1000s of teams. It will work for you.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 205, and you have a bunch of SOPs lying around or are completely new to the documentation game.

Two women engaging in a training session, discussing processes and procedures.

Cindi Bohrer
Director of Operations, Avior Wealth

The woman is using her knowledge to follow SOP procedures while sitting in front of a computer screen.

Lisa Laluk
Director of Operations, Elmwood Agency

A man undergoing training processes with a blue video screen.

Luïs Van de Pontseele
Scalability Manager, Hubr

Your first step in getting your teams on the same page

And keeping them there.