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Companies who use EOS document their 6-10 Core Business Processes. These core processes are similar in every organization. No matter how big or how small your company is, you’ll typically need processes in HR, marketing and sales, operations, accounting and customer retention. If you’re a company running on EOS, our selection of core processes will help you create clarity, reduce confusion, and get everyone on the same page.

V/TO™ building Process in EOS®

With this template outline your process for using the V/TO tool within your company.

Sales Process

Ensure that your organization's products or services are effectively sold to customers, while maintaining strong customer relationships and generating additional sales opportunities

Finance Process

A template to provide a clear and standardized framework for managing financial activities within your organization.

HR Process

A guidebook or reference manual for HR professionals and managers, outlining the steps and procedures to be followed in various HR activities.

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