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Systemize and grow your business

Whale is the all-in-one system for teams running on EOS® to help document your processes, train your teams, and build a foundation for growth.

1000's of teams rely on Whale to systemize and scale

Tarka logo on a black background representing knowledge and processes.
Mars electric logo on a black background for documentation purposes.
Proper insurance logo on a black background, emphasizing processes.
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Whale for companies on EOS®

Unite your teams around a single source of truth with documented processes, training, and measured success.​

🔎 Single Source of Truth​

Document and store all your processes In a central haven that’s easy to access and manage

🥇 Measured Success

Equipped with actionable insights about team and process performance, it’s easy to develop a culture of continuous improvement​

👩‍💻 Process and SOP training​

Transform your SOPs in training manuals, and provide the training your employees need to excel at their jobs​

Documenting SOPs with Whale is simply easier

Discover all of these features in our platform that were designed for you to minimize time and effort spent on documenting your processes, procedures and policies.

Start from pre-built process & SOP templates

We know you’re busy so grab one of our +100 templates and roll out new processes and SOPs in minutes.

A screen displaying the template gallery, a comprehensive collection of SOPs and knowledge documentation.
A computer screen displaying a list of tasks, providing employees with clear documentation and aiding in their training through standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Train and upskill your team with processes

Use documentation to train new hires on how you want things done and reduce ramp up time with 59%.

Assign ownership and keep processes up-to-date

Engage your experts to keep all your documentation relevant with the built-in ownership and review system.

A tablet screen displaying the privacy settings and knowledge on privacy processes.

Never stare at a blank page again

Pick on of our popular templates and reduce your documentation time drastically.

Unlock your next level of growth with process documentation ​

Water splash png - water splash image.

Seamless workplace integration

Whale is connected to your entire ecosystem. From HRIS syncs to easily embedding Google Drive and OneDrive docs. Whale has you covered.

Brand customization

Customise and personalize your Whale environment to seamlessly extend your brand’s identity. 🐋🎨

Auto translate

Autotranslate seamlessly transforms information into multiple languages, fostering instant comprehension for diverse and global teams. 🌍🌟

It worked for 1000s of teams. It will work for you.

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 205, and you have a bunch of SOPs lying around or are completely new to the documentation game.

Two women engaging in a training session, discussing processes and procedures.

Cindi Bohrer
Director of Operations, Avior Wealth

The woman is using her knowledge to follow SOP procedures while sitting in front of a computer screen.

Lisa Laluk
Director of Operations, Elmwood Agency

A man undergoing training processes with a blue video screen.

Luïs Van de Pontseele
Scalability Manager, Hubr

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