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Systemize and grow your business

Whale is the all-in-one system for teams running on EOS® to help document your processes, train your teams, and build a foundation for growth.

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Trusted by growing small and medium sized teams

Start from process and SOP templates

We know you’re busy so grab one of our +75 templates and roll out new processes and SOPs in minutes.


Assign & track engagement

Send, schedule, and track learning assignments to make sure every employee is up-to-speed and on the same page.

Rely on your experts to review and improve

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your documentation relevant and up-to-date with the built-in ownership and review system.


Integrate with Traction Tools

Connect Whale with Traction Tools and 100+ other tools to create a seamless experience.

Why EOS® companies 💙 Whale for process documentation


Automate onboarding through automatic knowledge flows.


Reporting that identifies knowledge gaps and area’s for improvement.


Easily identify if and when a new hire needs help or has questions.


Single source of truth giving new employees one entry point to all relevant information.

Get a grip on your processes with Whale!

Companies often operate chaotically because processes are not transparent and receive insufficient attention. The consequences are lots of lost time, frustrated employees, and declining metrics. However, you don’t have to let it get to that point.

Whale offers you the missing piece in your EOS tool stack: an intelligent tool that helps you create, share and manage your companies core processes and SOPs.

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Use Whale for more than just process documenation