Standard Operating Procedures
for Construction Companies

Provide your construction teams with SOPs that ensure consistent and efficient execution of tasks and compliance with industry standards. Use Whale to quickly generate standard operating procedures (SOPs) and share them with your teams anytime, anywhere.

Construction workers have unique challenges when it comes to process documentation

Do you often run late on projects?

Is your estimating process inefficient?

Even if you find the labor you need, does it seem impossible to train them?

Do you have a few systems, but you’re the only on who knows them?

Fixing these issues can radically improve new hire ramp up time, company efficiency and overall scalability of your business. Discover how software like Whale can help you document and train faster than any traditional solution can.

Find out what fast, centralized & easy-to-follow documentation really looks like

A woman with dreadlocks diligently working on her laptop, proficiently utilizing software applications to create comprehensive documentation in adherence to standard operating procedures for employee training.

SOP Templates for Construction workers

Templates are just one of many ways in which you can speed up to the documentation process. Never start from a blank page again!

Customize these and many other templates in Whale!

How Spartan Plumbing documented on Whale to ramp up new hires

“Small hiccups add up in a business after a while. Whale has completely changed the way we work. Now we have a policy and procedure for 80% of the business, which eliminates most of those errors. With the help of Adi, we didn’t even have to worry about the time it takes to get it done. Adi took care of it all for us. 

Posternock Apell office

Josh Ferguson

CEO of Spartan Plumbing

Whale, accessible right at your fingertips as a mobile app

Take your processes out into the field! Leverage your Whale documentation any time and any place with our brand new app.

Darryl P.
Darryl P.
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
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The assignment function in Whale is great. Overall it is a game changer for our company. All SOPs in one place, everything documented and the automations will make onboarding a new hire so much more efficient.
Leah P.
Leah P.
Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)
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The system is easy to use and keeps your processes up to date by assigning an individual responsible for updates. With that, reminders are emailed as well as in the system. Taking your procedures to the next level!
Yuri U.
Yuri U.
Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)
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Their Google Chrome plugin to have your SOP show at other sites than the Whale platform too. This is so helpful that my colleagues don't always need to remember everything but can look it up via the plugin.

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