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Aiming for true impact

At Whale, we don’t just provide our clients with a great piece of software. Our goal is to make sure our clients’ organizations become more efficient and more scalable through process documentation and employee training. It’s all about getting your teams completely in tune with how to do what at all times, and become more successful as a result.

Often, that takes a little extra help. That’s where our Customer Success team comes in. They are experts in putting standard operating procedures theory into practice, from setting up the right thematic structures and onboarding your users to getting your experts to update documentation in a timely manner. With a proven framework our team can help you go from zero documentation to your team entirely trained in just 4 weeks.

What do we offer?

User Training

Users looking for basic instructions when they are just starting out with Whale.

Learn how to use Whale to its full potential through our Knowledge Base and by participating in weekly Q&A sessions.

Included in Scale and Enterprise Plan.

Implementation Coaching

Teams looking for some extra guidance to get started the right way and stay on track.

Get advanced help from our experts in structuring your workspace, creating and standardizing content, setting up training flows, quizzes, and reports.

Included in Scale and Enterprise Plan.


Teams that have a lot of existing documentation.

Have us migrate all of your existing process documents and training content to your Whale account.

$1,900 (one-time fee) for Scale Plan.
Included in Enterprise Plan.

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The faces behind

Stijn aka Stino

Who I am:
My name is Stino, and I’m the Head of Customer Success here at Whale! I’ve been in the Customer Success game for seven years already. I love to say that we work for our customers but on the payroll of Whale.

What I’m passionate about:
Everything related to CS. I’m also a walking encyclopedia regarding everything Real Housewives.

What I love about training clients:
Literally everything. I love to see Customers grow into the mindset of unlocking their next level of Growth. Witnessing that is one of the greatest testimonies you can have as a Customer Success Manager.

Thomas aka Tomo

Who I am:
A Customer Experience enthusiast, thriving on building positive client relationships and maintaining an active sporting lifestyle year-round. 

What I’m passionate about:
Creating positive experiences at work and crushing personal goals.

What I love about training clients:
Witnessing clients transform from rookies to platform rockstars.

What our clients say about us

Whale has many features but what surprised me the most is how efficient this software is making my company. Or, should I say, it’s showing us how inefficient we were in these areas. Whale’s onboarding team has been great. Tomo and Stino have been excellent at making sure I would be successful using Whale. Once you get into it, it’s very intuitive.

What sets Whale apart is not just its user-friendly interface, but the exceptional customer support that comes with it. Every time we’ve reached out, we’ve received prompt, helpful, and personalized assistance. It’s a game-changer, especially compared to past experiences where support requests felt like sending messages into a void.

Next to their very competitive pricing, their support is from out of this world. We used other tools before, but we left a bit hanging in the past regarding the support piece. Stino & his team are always available whenever we have a query which is amazing! We would def recommend Success Services because the import of our SOPs was done sooner than anticipated.

Whale is easy to use because it is intuitive and follows a logical flow. Answers are easy to find using the reference tools provided, but if you are stuck, the Customer Success Team is great. They are friendly and responsive!

An ocean of features behind 
the friendliest interface

Want to know more about Whale's customer success?

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