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Designed for onboarding and training, our HR templates are guaranteed to help you and your teams ramp up faster. Create ONE central point of reference for employees in your office, out in the field and working remotely.
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The HR Process Template Every Business Needs

A guidebook or reference manual for HR professionals and managers, outlining the steps and procedures to be followed in various HR activities.

Benefits & Perks Template

Detail the perks and benefits that make your company an attractive place to work.

The Ultimate Job Description Template: A Comprehensive Guide

Craft compelling roles that attract the best candidates for your team's success with this ultimate job description template.

People Directory Template: The Company Directory You Need

Use our people directory template to get organized and connect your people to their purpose and to each other.

Compensation Policies Template

Navigate pay structures and remuneration with this compensation policies template.

Hiring Process Template: The Recruitment Tool You Need

The hiring process template is your guide to hiring AND retaining top talent in your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

By developing an HR strategic plan, you can reflect on the successes and failures of previous quarters. Doing so will help you effectively plan for attracting and retaining the right talent, which is key to your business achieving success. Doing so will help you effectively plan for attracting and retaining the right talent, which is key to your business achieving success.

Adapting our SOP templates for new or remote team members is a straightforward process, as our templates are designed to be easily customizable and applicable to various work environments and team structures including remote work and field work. They’re designed to ensure seamless integration and clarity for all employees regardless of their location or onboarding stage.

In an HR context, the most important SOPs to start with are those related to employee onboarding, performance management, leave and attendance management, and HR policies and procedures. Start with a handbook that includes these elements! SOPs like this establish a solid foundation for effectively managing the employee lifecycle, ensuring smooth transitions, clear expectations, and consistent adherence to company policies and practices.

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