People Directory Template: The Company Directory You Need

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People Directory Template: The Company Directory You Need

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You know when you just need to talk to the right person at the right time? But you’re not sure of their contact details.

All you know is that they work in marketing. 

What you need is a people directory!

What is a people directory?

The people directory is the quickest way to help employees connect with co-workers and understand their job functions.

It contains information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

What is the difference between a people directory and an organizational chart?

An organization chart focuses more on your company’s hierarchy, as opposed to the people directory, which focuses on contact and profile information.

What does a people directory look like?

Of course, every company is different. 

Generally, however, a people directory should include the person’s;

  • Name
  • Title
  • Contact details

We like to make ours a little fun so we included people’s nick names and some fun facts.

Team Whale People Directory Usewhale

💡 Tip: 
Replace the  [Name] field by hitting @ and linking your users.

VP of Human Resources: [Name]
Provides strategic direction for human resources functions and oversees HR policies.

HR Manager: [Name]
Manages employee relations, performance management, and HR operations.

Recruitment Specialist: [Name]
Conducts recruitment activities and manages the hiring process.

Training and Development Coordinator: [Name]
Plans and coordinates employee training and development programs.

Employee Relations Specialist: [Name]
Handles employee grievances and promotes a positive work environment.

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Why do you need an employee or people directory?

An employee directory makes life easier for everyone! It helps with;

  • Streamlining onboarding processes
  • New hires who probably feel overwhelmed and need to familiarize themselves with their new colleagues
  • Increasing internal collaboration and communications as team members can reach out directly to each other
  • Improving workflows and collaboration by finding the best person for a task
  • Knowing who to schedule meetings with
  • General productivity as people know who to reach out to and when

FAQs about the people directory

We’re obviously going to suggest that you create your company people directory using employee onboarding software like Whale because;

  • It’ll be housed in a centralized base accessible to everyone
  • It will always be up to date

Not long at all once you have a system in place. When you create your directory from the begining it may take only a few minutes if you have a small team. 

As you grow, you can make it part of your people manager’s process to keep the directory updated.

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