Try Whale the powerful alternative to SharePoint

Whale is a better alternative to SharePoint if you’re looking to create, manage and share SOPs and process documentation with your team. Purposely built to centralize all your company knowledge, Whale offers a more intuitive solution that your team will actually use.

What makes Whale different?

More intuitive structure and interface

With SharePoint’s traditional structure it’s often hard for employees to quickly find what they need without having to dig into endless folders. Whale’s visual structure and interface make for a pleasant and easy-to-use solution that everyone will enjoy using or managing

Content that's always up-to-date and reviewed

Is version our latest version? If you have ever heard this question, you know managing revisions and keeping your documents up-to-date is challenging. With the built-in review interval system you can engage your inhouse subject matter experts to keep your information relevant and updated at all times.

Create engaging onboard and training flows

Like most companies using SharePoint, you’re probably sharing onboarding and training content with new hires and just hoping they read them. With Whale’s training features you can create learning flows that engage your new hires with the right content at the right time and with the built-in reporting features you can track their progress. Better onboarding and training? Yes, please!

1000's of teams rely on Whale to systemize and scale


Switching from Sharepoint to Whale is easy

Schedule a personalised 1:1 and Talk to a Whale expert about your organisation’s unique knowledge sharing needs.

How Whale compares to Sharepoint

  • Whale
  • Sharepoint
Intuitive Interface and structure
Unified SearchLimited keywords only
Review system that keeps knowledge up-to-date
Connects with other G-Suite tools
Browser extension that offers contextual suggestions in your apps and tools
Learning flows and tracking

Delivering knowledge in their moment of need with a web application, chrome extension, slack bot and more.

“Finally a tool you can use WITHIN your tools”
Sabrine Z. Small-Business owner