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Radically improve your organization’s efficiency. Use Whale to have everyone from rookies to veterans on the same page, starting today.

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Create new procedures and policies in seconds with over 100+ templates, a powerful editor, AI Assist and other time saving features.

Harness the power of AI to craft new procedures and policies at the speed of thought! Simply input a few parameters like topic, industry and level of detail and SPLASH, there’s your new process.

Unleash a treasure trove of 100+ free process, SOP, and policy templates and never stare at a blank page ever again. Instead of writing everything from scratch you can simply tweak and complete what is available in the platform.

Record your screen and your voice simultaneously to explain how certain tasks should be executed in a tool. Turn every how-to, presentation, or tutorial into a blockbuster hit!

Forget copy-paste. Embed ANY of your existing Google or OneDrive docs into Whale and have changes sync in real-time. 

Generate compelling, easy-to-digest content using text, videos, GIFs, images and much more. When your documentation looks good, your teams will be even quicker to follow it.

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Streamline and automate your new hire onboarding and training journey and set your employees up for success.

Reinforce your team’s learning journey with automated quizzes that keep knowledge assessment engaging and timely! 🚀🧠 

Use Whale’s Web Extension to offer your team relevant training and knowledge from within ANY tool, app or website. Instead of playing hide and seek with crucial knowledge, have Whale deliver it to the right person, at the right time, in the moment of need.

Design custom training journeys for different teams and roles and rely on the automation features to save you time. Whale works so you don’t have to!

Assign a reading task to individuals or teams that they have to tick off when they’ve completed it. That way, you know who has gone through what content. Add a quiz to test what they’ve remembered!

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Rely on analytics and version control, help keep your processes up to date so you can continuously improve by design.

Measure the performance of your content and teams with actionable insights. 📊

Not every piece of information is meant for everyone! Use groups and permissions to streamline efficiency and keep everyone who needs to know, in the know. 🤓

Version control means you see what changes were made to processes and when. This helps you correlate your processes directly to business outcomes.

Struggling to keep your documentation current? Engage and notify your subject matter experts to update and verify your content on a regular basis.

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Comfortable in your habitat


Whale is connected to your entire ecosystem. From HRIS syncs to easily embedding Google Drive and OneDrive docs. Whale has you covered.

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Brand customization

Customise and personalize your Whale environment to seamlessly extend your brand’s identity. 🐋🎨

Whale Chrome extension

Accesses the information you need and get contextual suggestions in the apps where you and your team work 🌐🔌


Autotranslate seamlessly transforms information into multiple languages, fostering instant comprehension for diverse and global teams. 🌍🌟

Whale, now accessible right at your fingertips as a mobile app

Take your processes out into the field! Leverage your Whale documentation any time and any place with our brand new app.

Whale mobile app - the ultimate SOP and Training tool for whale enthusiasts.