Deliver the onboarding and training experience your team deserves

Training Flows

Automate employee orientation and training

Equip new hires with the knowledge they need to perform at a high level from day one. Automated onboarding and training flows with Whale leads to full productivity in less time.

QR Codes

Distribute your knowledge in the field quickly

Better support your team members in the field or on the go by distributing QR codes that lead to context and location specific manuals and processes with a simple scan of a mobile camera.

AI Quizzes

Asses your team's knowledge at scale

Create (AI-generated) quizzes to test your team’s knowledge and assess their skill level. Use quizzes to identify knowledge gaps in your team and offer support to upskill your team members further.


Embed and reinforce training and processes inside any tool

Effortlessly connect your team members with relevant knowledge suggestions in all their applications. Following a process will never have been easier.