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Whale is the knowledge-sharing and training tool that centralizes all of your standard operating procedures, policies, and internal knowledge so you can better onboard, train and grow your teams.

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A team that receives assignments and training while working
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Whale is a leader in Training Management Systems on G2

Users love Whale on G2

Whale is a leader in Small-Business Training Management Systems on G2

Whale is a leader in Small-Business Standard Operating Procedures on G2

What makes Whale different?


Knowledge that finds your team where they work

Even if you assume that your staff takes the time to open Trainual in a new tab, log in, find the subject open the topic, and dig through the steps they need, they would still lose a lot of time in the process. Whale’s browser extension allows your employees to stay in their CRM, ERP, PM tools and receive contextual suggestions without ever leaving their workflow. The knowledge your teams need will be one click away

Content that's always up-to-date and reviewed

Are you sure all the content in your Trainual account is to be trusted? With the built-in review interval system, you can notify and remind your in-house subject matter experts to keep your information relevant and updated at all times.

Automate onboarding and training Flows

When you’re training and onboarding a new hire in Trainual, you need to enroll that person in all the subjects manually. With Flows in Whale, you can automate the enrollment process and specify when and in what order specific assignments need to go out. Streamlining your onboarding and training will never have been so easy.

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How Whale Compares to Trainual

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