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Whale vs. Process Street

Choosing the right tool for you

Looking for the best platform to document and centralize your processes, and use them to train your team? You’ve probably come across both Whale and Process Street.

While both Whale and Process Street helps businesses to create, document, and manage their standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Processes, there are some differences.

Let’s explore to help you make the best choice.

A feature comparison

Process Street logo for Whale versus Process Street page

In comparing Whale versus Process Steet, our suggestion is to sign up for the free option on Whale. Whale has an ALWAYS free plan, which never expires so you’ll be able to test what it’s really like to be in the product.

Unfortunately the same is not true of Process Street so you may need try their 14 day trial.

Some of our standout features

Training Flows

A web page displaying a list of tasks, incorporating SOPs and Employee training processes, with a blue background.

Design custom training journeys for different teams and roles and rely on the automation features to save you time. Whale works so you don’t have to!

Chrome Extension

A screen shot of an email screen with a blue background that showcases documentation for employee training.

Accesses the information you need and get contextual suggestions in the apps where you and your team work 🌐🔌


A screen shot of a chat screen with an image of a person.

Our intelligent chatbot that makes sure your search results are not only accurate but extraordinarily relevant. Get information on all of your company’s processes way quicker. Discover all of our AI-powered features here.

Whale vs. Process Street Comparison - Rated by G2

Process Street scores 4.6 out of 5 on G2, while Whale scores 4.7 out of 5. Whale has also been awarded leader badges in the categories of Best ROI, Easiest to Use, and Best Relationship.


Rated 'Best Support'

Whale supports new customers all the way from migrating their old documentation to creating new ones. Better support and faster onboarding means quicker documenting, onboarding and training so you can get aligned.


Rated 'High Performer'

We’ve made it priority to integrate intelligent features like AI Assist, auto translate and automated flows, and suggestions to make sure your team works smarter faster, not harder. Faster onboarding and faster training.


Rated 'Easiest to Use'

Customers and users love the ease with which Whale can be navigated all the way from documenting new processes to sharing with a team member and analyzing the insights.

What they say about us on G2

The g2 logo in an orange circle.
Ali Z.
Ali Z.
What else do you need for Centralized knowledge sharing Repository?
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Interface if Use whale is quite simplest and easy to use. Onboarding exercises and videos are super cool. you Don't need to Jump in here and there. It start assigning you tasks by it self which is the best thing about Whale.
Jonathan F.
Jonathan F.
Highly Flexible KMS for Training, Onboarding and SOP management
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Whale provides a comprehensive KMS/LMS for companies to provide a structured solution for training, onboarding, standard operating procedures and designed in a way to easily build out, add content, and assign ownership to SMEs. It provides built in tools, and the Whale team is very open to feedback on how to enhance and improve its product/platform.
Sophie D.
Sophie D.
Accountantsburo Lauwers
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Database for standard templates are collected on one place. It's a start to improve the efficiency between our three departments, located in three different cities. We don't lose time anymore to search certain standard mails or templates, we find it directly in Whale, what is a huge time saving. New colleagues can find in a wip important informations on our internal procedures.


Save up to 40% with yearly!

An illustration of a whale in blue and pink, showcasing the knowledge and documentation needed for employee training.

Forever Free

For individuals or very small teams getting started with documentation

$ 0

/ seat per month

Up to 5 seats – no credit card required

Included in this plan:


For teams who want to document, organize and share company knowledge

$ 6

/ seat per month

Min. 5 seats – billed yearly

Everything in Free, and...


An illustration of a whale with pink spots, showcasing my knowledge in SOPs and employee training.


For growing companies looking to automate and scale employee onboarding and training

$ 10

/ seat per month

Min. 10 seats – billed yearly

Everything in Essentials, and...


For larger organizations looking for ultimate control and flexibility


Contact us for a personal quote

Everything in Scale, and...

How does the pricing vary?

Whale an ALWAYS free option that allows you to try the product with no fear of losing out because of time. This makes Whale a great choice for companies who want to really try (and TEST!) before they buy.

Process Street has Startup, Pro, and Enterprise pricing options.

  • Startup starting at $100/mo or $1,000 billed annually
  • Pro plan starting at $415/mo or $5,000 billed annually
  • Or an Enterprise plan starting at $1,660/mo
    or $20,000 billed annually

Process Street does offer a 14-day free trial, which we’ve found just isn’t enough to give you time to really test the product. 

Dedicated to Customer Success & Support

Stino in a blue hoodie smiling in front of a blue background.

We make sure that each customer is onboarded exceptionally so that they can use the magic of Whale to it’s fullest. Our team will give you feedback on the best way to get started and best practices for documentation.

We offer a full migration service and will teach you our proven framework on how to create impactful documentation with no effort. Or you can simply enlist the help of one of our Certified partners to help you get it done. Book a demo and tell our team what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With Whale, you can get started in seconds. We offer a full migration service to get all your documents uploaded in no time at all.

Whale has a dedicated customer success team that supports new customers all the way from migrating their old documentation to creating new ones and using them to train new and current team members.

To start off with, Whale is free. Yup. That’s FREE with a capital ‘F’ for life. If you want to add functionality and team members you only pay for what you use. That means you only pay for the features you want and you only pay for the seats you use. You’ve literally got nothing to lose.

  • You’re looking for the fastest way to help you get your team aligned.
  • You want a solution that can help you document, train and onboard your team in zero time.
  • You want a platform that’s easy to use and to navigate.
  • You want to create automated training that can be personalized.
  • You’d like a centralized knowledge system that integrates into the apps where you and your team work.
  • You want to be able to get started with documentation and training in seconds.
  • You value outstanding customer onboarding and support.

An ocean of features behind the friendliest interface

Don’t hesitate to discover how all of the above looks like in the actual product, from our AI Assist to all things Analytics. Take a peek!