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Whale is the simple yet powerful SOP tool that helps you maintain consistency across your teams and build a foundation for growth.


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Start from process, SOP and policy templates

We know you’re busy so grab one of our +75 templates and roll out new processes and SOPs in minutes.


Rely on your experts to review and improve

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your documentation relevant and up-to-date with the built-in ownership and review system.

Powerful unified search

Easily find the information you need with the full text search and customize to your needs with the built in tag manager.

Assign & track engagement

Send, schedule and track read assignments to make sure every employee is up-to-speed with the latest updates.

Reinforce SOPs with contextual suggestions

Embed SOP suggestions in your team’s workflows with Whale’s powerful browser extension.

Why companies 💙 Whale for SOP management


Move from chaos to clarity with documented SOPs.


Ensure consistency in execution across teams.


Reduce costs when onboarding and training new employees.


Build a foundation for growth.

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