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The Ultimate Employee Onboarding and Training Solution

Whale is the fastest way to get your team aligned. Discover how Whale boosts team performance and ensures new hires excel from the get-go.

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Trusted by the world's best teams

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Let Whale focus on tasks, so you can focus on people

Create training content that engages

Just because it’s mandatory doesn’t mean it should be boring. Generate compelling, easy-to-digest content using text, videos, GIFs, images, and much more! When your training materials are engaging, your teams will be more eager to learn.

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A computer screen displaying a list of tasks, providing employees with clear documentation and aiding in their training through standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Save 100s of hours with automated training

Design custom training journeys for different teams and roles and rely on automation for delivery to save you a ton of time! You can even customize your automation with time delays and action-based triggers. And say goodbye to waiting for new hires to finish a document before manually sending the next one. 

Overcome the forgetting curve

Embed contextual suggestions in your team’s workflows with Whale’s powerful browser extension, so your team can access the information they need when they need it. Instead of playing hide and seek with crucial knowledge, have Whale deliver it to the right person at the right time.

A mobile device with a map and arrows pointing to a location, designed specifically for employee training.
A computer screen displaying a list of tasks, providing employees with clear documentation and aiding in their training through standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Reinforce knowledge and learning

Create training journeys and workflows that you can repeatedly assign to new hires so they can follow at their own pace. Then, automatically generate quiz questions and multiple choice answers to test knowledge retention.

Track progress as you go

Automatically track everyone’s progress as they move through onboarding and training. See who’s opened their assignments, how much they completed, quiz scores, topics they’re searching for, and what documents they viewed the most. Our employee onboarding and training software gives you actionable insight to improve.

A computer screen displaying a comprehensive list of tasks for employee training and enhancing knowledge on standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect from using employee onboarding and training software like Whale?

When an employee quits, it costs 20% of their salary to replace them with someone new. So there are obvious benefits to having engaged employees whom are productive but how do you measure the ROI from software like Whale? We measure in two ways;

  • Turnover rates
  • Days it takes to onboard new hires
  • Cost of turnover replacements

Reduce employee onboarding by hundreds of hours in place of a manual program and align your team faster than ever.

Does Whale offer integrations?

Yes! You can connect over 1000+ tools with Whale through Zapier.

Is there customer support?

We were awarded the number one position in not one but three categories on G2 in 2022 alone including onboarding, training management systems, and standard operating procedures!

This includes being rated:
#1🏆 for Ease of Setup
#1🏆 for Quality of Support
#1🏆 for Ease of Use

What if I need help?

We’re here to get you started and ensure your success! 
Your Customer Success Manager will help you get started on Whale, giving you a structured program to ensure you’re up to speed in no time. The team also runs ongoing training webinars to help you discover everything you need.

How can I put all my current training material onto Whale?

Our migration service has got you covered. We will transfer ALL your content so you can focus on using and sharing the SOPs your business needs. Or you can simply use one of our 75+ templates or our AI-Assist to get started with creating the best training material/

Even if you think you don’t have the time to get started right now; you can utilize our coaching and training services to help you get settled in just 14 days!

Brand customization

Customise and personalize your Whale environment to seamlessly extend your brand’s identity. 🐋🎨

Auto translate

Autotranslate seamlessly transforms information into multiple languages, fostering instant comprehension for diverse and global teams. 🌍🌟

Get started in seconds with Templates

Jump on in and test the waters with one of our range of employee onboarding and training templates

Your first step in getting your teams on the same page, and keeping them there.

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