Employee onboarding made simple

With Whale, centralize all of your SOPs, policies and tribal knowledge so you can onboard, train and grow your teams better.

Trusted by growing small and medium sized teams

Reduce ramp up time with flows

Automate what and how knowledge should flow to your teams so you can streamline the onboarding and training process of your new hires.

Powerful unified search

Easily find exactly what you need with the full text search and customize to your needs with the built in tagging manager.


Reinforce training with contextual suggestions

Surface your training, and resources in the apps your team already uses with the Whale Web Extension.

Reward with badges​

Create and reward custom badges and gamify the onboarding experience.


Why companies 💙 Whale for employee onboarding​


Automate onboarding through automatic knowledge flows.


Reporting that identifies knowledge gaps and area’s for improvement.


Easily identify if and when a new hire needs help or has questions.


Single source of truth giving new employees one entry point to all relevant information.

Use Whale for more than just employee onboarding