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client onboarding process blog

It's no secret that first impressions matter. The same goes for business relationships - especially when you're trying to land new clients. That's why having a strong client onboarding process is essential to the success of any business. After all, it's the first step in building a lasting relationship with your client.

3 SOPs you need for your employee onboarding programme blog

Onboarding new employees are one of the most important aspects of a hiring manager's job but creating an onboarding program can be difficult without the right guidance. What should you include in your program? And what are the best practices for onboarding new employees? With John Elder from The Business Blocks, let's discuss the three SOPs you need for your employee onboarding program.

4 Common problems every entrepreneur faces

As an entrepreneur, the very success of a business is determined by how well you help people solve their problems. But what about your own business challenges? As it turns out, there are 4 common problems every entrepreneur faces. We spoke to Dean Breyley to find out what they are and how to solve them.

14 day process challenge

Between our team, we’ve interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, VP’s and heads of teams. There wasn’t a single one who said that process wasn’t important. It was actually quite the opposite. Process isn’t the problem, getting process done is the problem.

Entrepreneurs Day

National Entrepreneurs Day is the 15th of November 2022. Entrepreneurs are much of the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. So we wanted to take not a moment or a day but a month to celebrate entrepreneurs everywhere for their grit, perseverance, and contribution.

Entrepreneurs day quote

One of the most powerful reasons to use an external coach/facilitator/implementor is that it’s impossible for a business to be objective with itself. The gold comes from an external expert with enough entrepreneurial experience and knowledge of the EOS Model®, to help the business gain traction faster.

blog making yourself replaceable in business

Thomas Van Eeckhout is a father of two daughters. As the current CEO of Easi, he’s also all about getting and giving opportunities. In this interview on the Chaos to Clarity show, Whale CEO Gary, spoke to Thomas on the importance of replacing yourself in business.

What do you mean knowledge management for dummies? 🤔 No, we’re not calling you a dummy. But if you’re new to the idea of knowledge management (KM) and knowledge sharing, then it’s likely that you still have many questions about what this process entails and how to get started with it in your organization.

Mindsets that prevent process

Lisa Gonzalez is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurship. Lisa grew up in an entrepreneurial family in California and supported them in their many business operations. With a wealth of entrepreneurial experience since then and as co-author of the book Process! we hosted Lisa on the Chaos to Clarity show to talk about the 3 mindsets that prevent process, and ultimately success.