V/TO™ building Process in EOS®

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V/TO™ building Process in EOS®

What is the Vision/Traction Organizer™

The V/TO as our Strategic Planning Tool:

The V/TO is not just a document; it’s a powerful tool for organizing and planning the future of our company. This two-page template will guide us in establishing a clear vision and creating a practical plan to achieve it. By using the V/TO, we’ll align our efforts and keep our entire team on the same page, working together to bring our shared vision to life.


Key Questions for Uniting our Leadership Team:

The V/TO is designed to bring our leadership team together by addressing five essential questions:

  1. Who Are We (Defined by Our Core Values): This question focuses on identifying the core values that define our organization’s culture and behavior. These values are the guiding principles that shape how we operate and interact with one another and our stakeholders.

  2. What Are Our Focused Strengths and Passions: This question encourages us to pinpoint our strengths and passions. By recognizing what our organization excels at and where our true passions lie, we can harness these strengths to drive growth in alignment with our values and vision.

  3. Where Are We Going (Setting the Big Picture Goal): This question invites us to define our long-term vision, the ultimate goal that guides our strategic direction. Having a clear and compelling destination in mind is crucial for ensuring that our efforts are purposeful and cohesive.

  4. How Will We Get There (Developing a Plan): Here, we discuss the plan or approach that will take us toward our vision. This section outlines the steps, strategies, and tactics necessary to make our vision a reality.

  5. Painting the Picture of Our Future (3-Year Projection): We will explore what our world will look like three years down the road. This forward-looking perspective helps us visualize our progress and success.

Why use the Vision/Traction Organizer™

Baseball legend and businessman Yogi Berra once said, “Without a plan, even the most brilliant business can get lost.”

Our V/TO sets out to prevent that from happening. And that alone can have some pretty wow-worthy benefits:

  1. A simple strategy:
    Business plans, like processes, need to be documented, accessible and scalable if they’re going to drive growth.
    Everyone is on the same page (or two): Our plan is essential to everyone. Once we’ve simplified and shared it, it keep everyone rowing in the same direction.

  2. Success (and failure) is transparent:
    Employees who are clear on the company vision better recognize their success and failings. With a robust recovery process in place, if we do veer off course, we’ll be back in no time.

  3. All-in-one time-management tool:
    A V/TO outlines our 10-Year Target™ and where we must be in 3 years (and one year) to achieve it. Rocks and Issues then become projects, forming a fantastic time-management tool.

  4. Visionary and Integrator™ alignment:
    Just like Vision and Traction, Visionaries and Integrators need each other to work — any misalignment, and we’re going nowhere. Having a V/TO is a great way to ensure a united front.

And voilà! We’ve got a simple, powerful two-page business plan that:

  • Is set to boost our progress
  • We can really believe in
  • Our employees can actually use

The 8 Elements of the Vision/Traction Organizer™

  1.  Values and Culture: Defining Our Identity
    In this section, we explore our company’s core values and cultural identity. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape our behavior and interactions.

  2. Purpose and Main Capability: Unveiling Our Mission and Strengths
    Sometimes referred to as mission, vision, or voice, this component articulates why our company exists and what makes us unique. It’s also where we highlight our core competencies.

  3. 10-Year Goal: Setting Our Long-Term Target
    We’ll discuss our ambitious 10-year goal, which provides a far-reaching perspective and sense of purpose. You’ll understand the importance of having a long-term vision and how it shapes our strategic direction.

  4. Marketing Strategy for Our Ideal Customers: Reaching Our Target Audience
    This section focuses on our approach to marketing and selling to our ideal customers. You’ll gain insights into defining our ideal customer, crafting key messages, understanding the sales process, and ensuring customer satisfaction through guarantees.

  5. 3-Year Quantitative and Qualitative Vision: Mapping Our Mid-Term Targets
    We’ll delve into specific 3-year targets, including metrics like revenue and profit. Additionally, we’ll paint a qualitative picture of what our company will look like in 3 years. This vision serves as a guidepost for our progress.

  6. 1-Year Targets: The First Step in Our 3-Year Plan
    These are the specific targets for the first year of our 3-year plan. This offer you a clear understanding of what we aim to achieve in the coming year and how it contributes to our long-term vision.

  7. 90-Day Priorities: Focusing on What Matters Most
    We’ll identify 3-7 critical priorities for the next quarter. These priorities keep us focused on what truly matters and ensure that we make consistent progress.

  8. List of Issues to Address: Tackling Obstacles, Challenges, Opportunities, and Ideas
    This section highlights all current obstacles, challenges, opportunities, and ideas that require attention. It provides clarity on the topics our team needs to discuss and address, fostering a proactive and collaborative environment.

Our Company V/TO™

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