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Sven Saerens

About Sven Saerens

Sven has a passion for helping entrepreneurs and leaders build high-performing self-managing businesses, enabling them to have a greater impact in the world.

Over the years, Sven had the opportunity to explore various methodologies, but he found EOS® – Entrepreneurial Operating System to be the most effective.

Sven would be a great fit for your growth-oriented team if you seek:

  • To simplify the complex. Laser-focused action steps delivered in a relatable communication style.

  • Team health. Enter the danger, smoke out and resolve team dysfunctions.

  • Financial sanity. Identify the right levers to create desired results.
A portrait picture of Sven Saerens, EOS implementer.



(M) +32 499 57 76 17


Certified EOS Implementer