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How Rihm is Onboarding 90+ Years Worth of Knowledge

21 locations

+350 team members

1 centralized repository



Rihm Family Companies

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How Rihm is harnessing their company wisdom to onboard new hires

Rihm Family Companies, Inc. (RFC) is a 4th generation family-owned and operated business focused on providing exceptional service in the heavy-duty truck industry. RFC employs more than 350 people in 21 locations and was looking for a partner to help centralize their SOPs and use them to onboard and train new hires.

We have been collecting and documenting SOPs for at least two years now, and we wanted to share them with our new hires and our onboarding team. 

We used various methods for onboarding, from people’s desks to binders to emails, etc. So, we were looking for a platform that could be cloud-based and centralized, and that all team members would have access to within their organization.

JB Rihm

JB Rihm

Chief Operating Officer at Rihm Kenworth

Finding a partner to centralize and onboard

Rihm Family Companies and Whale

The team at Rihm Family Companies and Whale had the following requirements;

✅ House all internal documentation and processes in one centralized repository

✅ Ensure team members could be assigned automated onboarding and training flows

✅ Limited visibility so team members had access to their own documentation

"We just really felt that the whole team at Whale and the founders mirrored our core values, and were a really good partnership for us."

The team were looking for a product that would help them document their processes and onboard their teams. But they were also looking for a partner whose support they knew they could rely on to guide them in the right direction.

Now, it’s easy for the appointed experts to assign training flows with the newly created processes.

Rihm Family Companies and Whale

Now our processes are broken down into easy-to-consume information

Now all team members get a login, and we can assign their permissions and roles to whatever SOPs they need, and they’ll have access to them in Whale.

"We now make sure that every playbook, every process has its own subject matter expert but also has a review interval, meaning that your processes get proactively updated by the ones that own the process."

In utilizing Whale, the team has been able to deliver on;

“Setting our team up for success is a part of Rihm’s ethos. This is why we chose Whale as our SOP platform.”

JB Rihm

JB Rihm

Chief Operating Officer at Rihm Kenworth

Consolidating company wisdom for a scaling vision

Get your teams aligned faster with Whale.

The Challenge

Founded in 1932 under the name Rihm Motor Company, Inc., Rihm Family Companies, Inc. is a growth-oriented company committed to doing the right thing.

That includes how they onboard and train their team members. Rihm was looking to take their years of documentation and refined processes and transform them into training material to help onboard and train their staff. No easy take when you’re a 4th generation family owned company.

The Solution

Whale has not only helped create and centralize the company processes but automated training flows are being used to onboard new team members.

Each team member has access to their relevant department’s information without having to get lost in all the company information.


All the company information has been broken down into easy to consume pieces of information for new hires.

Now, all playbooks have their own subject matter experts, which means that processes are updated frequently.

And if a team member is not in the office, they can still assign training to a new or existing employee.