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Organized company knowledge that finds you

Whale is the simple yet powerful tool hat helps you capture, share and manage company knowledge with ease.

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Trusted by growing small and medium sized teams

Simple yet Powerful Editor

Whale’s editor makes it easy to create easy to digest content. Use the screen recorder, gipy and unsplash library, google and one drive integration to take it to the next level.


Rely on your experts to review and improve

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your documentation relevant and up-to-date with the built-in ownership and review system.

Powerful unified search

Easily find the information you need with the full text search and customize to your needs with the built in tag manager.


assign and track engagement

Send, schedule and track reading assignments to make sure every employee is up-to-speed with the latest updates.

Surface relevant knowledge in CRM's, Email and more

Surface your processes, best practices, and resources in the apps your team already uses with the Whale Web Extension.

Why companies 💙 Whale for knowledge management


Organized knowledge that your teams will actually find.


Powerful browser extension that suggests knowledge everywhere you work.


Better and faster onboarding through automatic knowledge flows.


Verified and reviewed knowledge your team know they can trust.

Use Whale for more than just knowledge management