Organized company knowledge that finds you

Whale is the simple yet powerful tool hat helps you capture, share and manage company knowledge with ease.

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One editor to rule them all

Our editor really packs a punch when it comes to creating valuable and actionable SOPs. From our very own screen recorder through to integrations such as Google Drive or OneDrive—there’s something for everyone!

Review, improve and keep your SOPs always up-to-date with your experts

Engage your subject matter experts to keep all your documentation relevant and up-to-date with the built-in ownership and review system.

Waste no time finding what you need with powerful unified search

Easily find the information you need with the full text search and customize to your needs with the built in tag manager.

Turn your SOPs into superpowers with contextual suggestions

Embed SOP suggestions in your team’s workflows with Whale’s powerful browser extension.

Why companies 💙 Whale for SOP management


Organized knowledge that your teams will actually find.


Powerful browser extension that suggests knowledge everywhere you work.


Better and faster onboarding through automatic knowledge flows.


Verified and reviewed knowledge your team know they can trust.

Use Whale for more than just Knowledge Management