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Use Whale to centralize all of your procedures, policies, and internal knowledge so you can better onboard, train and grow your teams. Become a more efficient, scalable company.

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Boost your company’s efficiency with Whale. Sign up now to receive an exclusive 15% discount on all paid plans, perfect for Companies Running On EOS™.

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With Whale, you can become a much more efficient and scalable organisation, ensuring consistency and quality across all operations.

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Why Whale?

Customer Support

We invest a lot of energy in delivering top notch customer support & training, where others will often leave your questions unanswered.

Easy to use

Our customers point out that Whale is a lot easier to use than most other options: you don’t need to be tech-savvy to get a lot of value out of the platform.

EOS Integrated

We’ve designed Whale to align seamlessly with EOS principles, as we run on EOS ourselves. We also frequently partner with EOS implementers and actively participate in worldwide EOS events.

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discount now

Boost your company’s efficiency with Whale. Sign up now to receive an exclusive 15% discount on all paid plans, perfect for Companies Running On EOS™.

EOS Conference 2024, San Diego

10 Essential Guidelines

Watch Whale’s CEO, Gary Vanbutsele, give a breakout session at the last EOS Conference, giving the audience practical guidelines on process documentation & training.

(For a version with clear slides and downloadable handouts, click here)

What Implementers say about us

"I really believe that documenting your core processes and having them followed by all, is one of the most important and key things in your business. If you want to run a successful business, if you want help getting your process done, then check out Whale."

– Amanda Barkey, Certified EOS Implementer®

"I’ve watched hundreds of companies get stuck and bamboozled with process. Let Whale be your guide and lead you through the why, what, and how of SOPs, and turning business process into your secret sauce of business success."

– Dean Breyley, Expert EOS Implementer®

"When we were writing the book "Process!", we realized there was one piece (of information) that’s often missing in the discussion about process; it is the importance of getting the right mindset around process.

The fact is that there are tools now such as Whale that help implement process in a simple and practical way. So there’s no excuse not to get your processes done and FBA."

– Lisa Gonzalez, Author, Speaker and EOS ImplementerⓇ

“If you want to scale your business, if you want to sell your business one day, or if you want to pass it on to the next generation leader or leaders, maybe in your family, maybe to send outside, maybe to the employees, you need to have your processes documented. Processes that are documented and are followed by all lead to a business that’s successful. Check out Whale!”

– Jonathan Goldhill, Author and Growth Coach, Former EOS Impelementer®

David T.
Advisory Services Manager - IT and Services
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Whale is excellent no matter what stage of process documentation a company is in. They make it easy to document processes and even easier for employees to follow them. With the browser extension, you can access all of your business processes no matter where you do your work (email, CRM, ticketing system, etc.)
Tom S.
Tom S.
Marketing and Advertising
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Initially, I liked that Whale was connected to Traction Tools (software used by companies running on EOS). As well as I was able to confirm with many references in the EOS community that they used it and loved it. It was the extreme availability of their support team that made this an easy tool to help us get up and running.
John E.
John E.
Director - Management Consulting
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We struggled the most with keeping our SOPs up to date and relevant, with Whale and their chrome extension we found it so much easier to keep in context with each procedure as the team member was completing the task (then if they changes or suggestions for updating) they are just a click away. Their onboarding workflow is really simple to use as well, once we set it up, we just invite the new user to the group and a date to work in and boom, employee onboarding solved.

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