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By integrating Whale’s suggestions with via our Chrome and Microsoft Extensions, you can ensure that your team has immediate access to the right information at the right time. This reduces the need for unnecessary questions, enhances productivity, and supports the consistency of your company’s processes.


Our Chrome and Microsoft Extensions for Whale are designed to streamline your workflow by providing timely suggestions directly within your web-based tools. By integrating with, these extensions can push relevant process information to your team, reducing unnecessary questions and improving efficiency. Here are a few practical use cases:

Use Cases for Processes:

  1. Project Kickoff: When starting a new project in, the extension can push detailed kickoff steps. This ensures all team members are aware of the initial steps, project goals, and timelines, promoting a smooth start and reducing the need for clarifications.

  2. Task Management: For new tasks assigned in, the extension can suggest templates with step-by-step instructions. This helps team members understand their responsibilities and complete tasks accurately without needing to ask for additional guidance.

  3. Weekly Updates: During weekly meetings, the extension can push a structured update format. This helps team members provide consistent and comprehensive progress reports, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.

  4. Bug Tracking: When logging bugs in, the extension can suggest a standardized bug report template. This ensures all relevant details are captured, making it easier for the development team to address issues efficiently.

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