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By integrating Whale’s suggestions with ClickUp via our Chrome and Microsoft Extensions, you can ensure that your team has immediate access to the right information at the right time. This reduces the need for unnecessary questions, enhances productivity, and supports the consistency of your company’s processes.


Our Chrome and Microsoft Extensions for Whale are designed to streamline your workflow by providing timely suggestions directly within your web-based tools. By integrating with ClickUp, these extensions can push relevant process information to your team, reducing unnecessary questions and improving efficiency. Here are a few practical use cases:

Use Cases for ClickUp Processes:

  1. Task Assignments: When a team member is assigned a new task in ClickUp, the extension can push a suggestion with detailed instructions or a checklist for completing that task. This ensures that the assignee knows exactly what steps to follow, reducing the need for clarification and speeding up task completion.

  2. Project Updates: As projects progress, updates in ClickUp can trigger suggestions with the latest process guidelines or changes. This keeps the team informed about new procedures or adjustments without needing to ask for updates, ensuring everyone is aligned and can work efficiently.

  3. Onboarding New Projects: For new projects initiated in ClickUp, the extension can push relevant onboarding materials, such as project goals, timelines, and roles, directly to the team members involved. This helps new project teams get up to speed quickly and start working effectively from day one.

  4. Recurring Tasks: For recurring tasks, the extension can push reminders and detailed process steps. This consistency helps maintain quality and ensures that recurring tasks are completed accurately every time, without the need for team members to seek out instructions.

  5. Status Reporting: When status reports are due, the extension can provide suggestions on how to compile and submit these reports, including any specific formats or key information required. This helps team members efficiently prepare their reports and ensures consistency across the board.

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