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By integrating Paycom with Whale, you can streamline user provisioning and authentication, making it easier to manage your team’s access and enhance overall security. Enable Paycom user provisioning today to take full advantage of these benefits for your Whale account.


Enable Paycom user provisioning for your team’s Whale account to streamline user management and enhance security. With Paycom integration, you can effortlessly add or remove users, ensuring that your team has seamless access to Whale. Here are the key benefits:

Key Benefits:

  1. Simplified User Management: Easily add new users to your Whale account or remove users who no longer need access, all through Paycom. This centralized approach simplifies user management and reduces administrative overhead.

  2. Enhanced Security: Enable secure user provisioning with Paycom to provide your team with a seamless and safe access experience. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access and enhances security by ensuring that only authenticated users can access Whale.

  3. Automated User Provisioning: Automatically sync user accounts from Paycom to Whale. This ensures that your team’s access is always up-to-date, reflecting any changes in your organization’s user directory without manual intervention.

  4. Improved Compliance: Maintain compliance with organizational policies and regulations by managing user access centrally. With Paycom, you can enforce security policies and ensure that only authorized users have access to Whale.

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