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With our YouTube integration, you can easily embed video content within Whale, turning your training and informational materials into compelling, interactive content that keeps your team engaged and informed.


Our integration with YouTube allows you to easily embed video content within Whale, transforming your training and informational materials into fun and engaging experiences. Here are a few practical use cases to illustrate the benefits:

Use Cases for Embedding YouTube Videos:

  1. Interactive Training Sessions: Embed instructional YouTube videos directly into your training cards. This can include product tutorials, software walkthroughs, or industry-related webinars. By incorporating videos, you make the training process more dynamic and engaging, helping employees retain information more effectively.

  2. Company Announcements: Share important company updates through engaging video content. Whether it’s a quarterly update from the CEO, a product launch, or a company-wide initiative, embedding these videos in Whale ensures that everyone stays informed in an engaging format.

  3. Employee Onboarding: Welcome new employees with a series of YouTube videos embedded in the “Welcome to Company X” card. These could include a tour of the office, introductions from key team members, or an overview of the company culture. Videos make the onboarding process more interactive and help new hires feel connected from day one.

  4. Knowledge Sharing: Encourage a culture of continuous learning by embedding educational YouTube videos on relevant topics within Whale. This could include industry trends, skill development, or motivational content. Easy access to these resources supports ongoing employee development and engagement.

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