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An added bonus of using Google Drive with Whale is that any changes made to the files in Google Drive are automatically updated within Whale. This means you don’t have to worry about manually updating the content in Whale, ensuring your team always has access to the most current information.


Leveraging the native integration with Google Drive within Whale can significantly enhance your workflow and collaboration. This seamless integration allows you to embed Google Slides, Excel documents, videos, and other files directly into your Whale cards, making it easier to share and access essential resources. Here are a couple of practical use cases for embedding videos:

Use Cases for Embedding Videos:

  1. Monthly Company Meetings: Imagine recording your monthly company meetings via Zoom. By embedding these recordings into a “Monthly Meeting” card on Whale, colleagues who missed the meeting can easily rewatch and catch up at their convenience. This ensures everyone stays informed and aligned with the latest updates.

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