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Chaos to Clarity

We started the Chaos to Clarity podcast to help entrepreneurs 10x in 10 minutes. Here's why

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Why we started a podcast to help entrepreneurs 10x in 10 minutes

As an entrepreneur, how you look at time can make the difference of whether your company is worth $1 million, $10 million, or $100 million. (Forbes)

The difference between a company that makes $100 million a year and an entrepreneur whose company makes $1 million a year isn’t necessarily how hard they work. Everyone works hard. But working hard doesn’t cut it. 

If you take the premise that “time is Money Growth”, you’ll understand that time is an opportunity cost. The time invested in one activity doesn’t just mean time lost on another. It can mean exponential difference in a business.

Chaos to Clarity - 10x in 10

Talking exponential. Whale launched their podcast Chaos to Clarity for exactly this reason. 

“There’s a ton of entrepreneurial advice out there. Too much! And a lot of it is too ethereal. This, I found was the problem in my business; too much ethereal advice and not enough actionable insight. That was until I discovered EOS and ultimately why I founded Whale.”

Gary Vanbutsele, Co-Founder & CEO

So Gary and his team went on a mission to find the most ACTIONABLE knowledge from the world’s best. 

Their only requirement was it had to be able to 10X a business in 10 minutes.

But can you 10X your business in 10 minutes? 

What can you do with a golden nugget of actionable information you absorbed over 10 minutes? More than you think!

If it stays just a ‘nice’ idea then it’s worthless.

But what if you could get just 1% better at one skill, or one aspect of your business, every week by implementing a new way of doing things?

1% doesn’t seem like much, but you’d get 52% better in a year, 104% better over 2 years, or 520% – in a decade! 

10x in 10 minutes sounds like an amazing feat but, also overwhelming to achieve. Actually, it’s one piece of actionable advice that given and followed over time, that brings the 10X effect.

As James Clear says in the 1% rule, “Small differences in performance can lead to very unequal distributions when repeated over time.”

10 minutes is the new pour hour

If you’re an entrepreneur you’re probably trying to hire the right team members, onboard new ones, present to investors and talk to customers, not to mention make time with your spouse and take the kids on vacation.

If 1 year is 7 years in a dog’s life, then 1 hour is like 1 year in an entrepreneur’s life. 

10 minutes is the new pour hour. 

As much as we love founders’ stories, we didn’t want to make Chaos to Clarity another storytelling podcast. We wanted to capture the one insight that each person has had on their journey that lead to their success.

If others have learned the lesson, you shouldn’t have to.

Chaos to Clarity launched with Isaiah Nolte from Traction Tools and future guests on the show include founders Alex Theuma from SaaStock and Pepe Marais from Joe Public.


  • Chaos to Clarity, the new 10-minute podcast that launched May 10th 
  • The show is designed to help entrepreneurs 10x their businesses in just 10 minutes
  • Each show provides actionable specific advice!
  • Each show provides actionable steps to help entrepreneurs unlock the next level of growth in their businesses 

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