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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Whale, The Software Company

Well of course, every company toots their own horn, but we wanted to share a few things you didn’t know about Whale.

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We wanted to share a few things you didn’t know about Whale, the documentation and training tool.

Why? Because helping entrepreneurs eliminate growth mistakes and unlock the next level of growth in their business is what keeps us inspired!

What is the Whale platform?

Whale is a tool that helps Document and centralize your procedures and processes, train your team and manage one central source of truth for all your company knowledge.

Whale is the fastest way to get your team aligned.

6 Things you didn't know about Whale, the documentation and training software tool

1. Whale helps you unlock the next level of growth

Love your work ❤️. We mean it.

Imagine everyone loved their work. Imagine that teams flourished because they were productive. Imagine that everyone in the team was thriving because they communicated consistently and had the right information at the right time.

Imagine how much faster companies could scale because everyone was onboard and constantly learning and implementing.

This is what we believe it means to ‘love your work’. It isn’t just an airy-fairy unicorn-style pipedream. No. We believe that unlocking growth in business happens naturally when teams are engaged.

The future is entrepreneurship. Keep building. Love your work ❤️.

2. Whale was voted No 1 for customer support on G2

Winter G2 Badges Whale

We’re SUPER excited to share that G2 awarded us “Best customer support” in their Autumn Report 2022 🤩. And 2023. And 2024!

We were also awarded;

🏆 Best High Performer Small-Business

🏆 Best Support Small-Business

🏆 Best Support 

🏆 High Performer

In the categories of Knowledge Management, Standard Operating Procedures and Training Management Systems!

We’re really proud of our team and our mission to keep delivering! It’s an incredible achievement as only one product gets awarded the best support badge in each report. 

Ps IF you haven’t been through customer onboarding with Stino, you haven’t lived. Even if we do say so ourselves.

3. Whale helps entrepeneurs systemize their businesses

Systemizing your business is paramount for scaling effectively and ensuring operational excellence. It transforms chaotic, ad-hoc routines into a structured, repeatable framework, minimizing errors and inefficiencies while maximizing productivity.

This clarity and organization foster a consistent customer experience and empower your team, allowing them to focus on growth rather than getting bogged down by routine decision-making or problem-solving.

A well-systemized business not only accelerates the onboarding and training of new employees but also enhances the capability to sustain growth, adapt to changes quickly, and innovate, thereby securing a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market landscape.

User ratings about Whale.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for sissies. It’s hard work. 🥵

It’s hustle, getting investment, managing a team, and focusing on growth. IN BETWEEN dinner with the in-laws and taking the kids to school, never mind trying to fit in time to exercise and sleep.

When our co-founder Gary found himself unable to sleep because he was trying to put out a million fires, he knew something had to be done. It’s how Whale was born.

“If you keep solving the same problem, the problem isn’t the problem anymore, it’s that fact that you’re not using a system to solve it.”

Whale G2 review

4. At Whale we're obsessed with ROI and numbers

Our mission is to help scaling companies unlock the next level of growth in their business. But you can’t unlock growth without measuring key growth metrics.

Sales boomerang 

We like to know what we’re aiming for, and we know that our customers do too! 

That’s why Whale has a dashboard to help you track what’s being used and what’s important; by date and by person.

Whale ROI Calculator
Try the Whale ROI Calculator

Knowing what makes a difference in a business is key. That’s why we put together this ROI calculator to help you work out the exact difference Whale could make in your business.

With our ROI calculator, you can calculate;

  • ROI on creating documentation
  • ROI on finding documentation
  • ROI on training employees
It's a process changer.

5. Whale integrates with the world's best tools

Productivity isn’t a one-time thing, nor is it a one-tool thing. Systemizing means just that – having a system for success. 

Different tools, platforms and apps do different things but here are some of our customer’s most favorite apps that we’re generally asked to integrate with.

Whale is a cloud-based platform that streamlines processes and offers training for various apps.

But first – the app to end all apps ZAPIER!

Zapier lets you connect Whale with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.

Through Zapier, you can connect to Asana, Slack, Gmail, Trello and more.

Want to know more about how to Create New Hire Accounts in Whale through BambooHR? It’s simple through these easy steps.

6. Whale has a Chrome Extension to make work easier

Does this sound familiar?

You’ll be working on something but then have to go to a different app to find the additional information you might need. On the way to look for that information, you answer an email and forget what you were looking for.

It’s called being human.

You can cut down on distractions and time spent looking for information by installing the Whale Chrome extension, which will simply bring information to you in the apps you’re working on. 

No time spent searching, no distractions.

FAQs about Whale, the documentation and training platform

Whales have the longest migrations of any mammal? And what’s more, they never lose track! If you think about it, the journey of entrepreneurship isn’t too different.

What does Whale offer that other software doesn't?

You’re welcome to check out our friends at Trainual, Clickup or any of the others. In fact we suggest you do. 

But what you won’t find that Whale offers is;

What problems can the software Whale help solve?

Whale will help you with one of all of these problems.

Whale will help you;

Got questions on your mind?
Book a demo with our team today!

How to know if Whale is a match for you?

How do you know if Whale is a match for you?

  • Is your team aligned and on the same page?
  • Does your business feel like it’s in chaos?
  • Is your business documentation non-existent?
  • Can you access your company information in a centralized base?
  • Is it a struggle to train your teams?
  • Do your team members have access to valuable company information and processes irrespective of where they are?
  • Is feeling overwhelmed a constant struggle?

Where can I find more information about the Whale software? 🐳

When you’re looking to evaluate a new platform, it’s important to consider what’s going to work for you.

From our perspective, it always helps to see what others are saying! 

You can check out our reviews on G2. Or check out some of our customer’s stories

Why did you choose the name Whale? 🐳

We get asked this question. Alot! 

Whales eat lots of tiny plankton, which keeps them full and nourished. 

In the same way, Whale, the software tool, keeps all your small pieces of information to keep your team "nourished", up to date and performing well!

The bottom line?

The best way to see if Whale will work for you and your business is to try it! 

And the best news is that Whale is FREE. Yup, Whale is free, FOREVER! 

Simply create a free account.

And if you’d like to learn more, we can recommend, hoping into one of our FREE training webinars

Get Ddocumenting & Training NOW

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