Best Practice for Naming your SOPs

Naming your SOPs on Whale blog

Imagine you’ve put in the time and effort to actually create and transfer your company information and processes into one centralized hub, like Whale. But then no one accesses them because the names are abstract or obtuse?
Naming your SOPs properly is key!

4 Ways to Optimize Your Meetings and Gain Traction

How to gain Traction by Supercharging your meetings

I wish we had another Zoom meeting, said no one ever!

We spoke to Isaiah Nolte, Integrator and President at BloomGrowth, on “How to scale your business by supercharging meetings – 4 tips to getting it right” on the first-ever episode of the Chaos to Clarity podcast.

Why we launched a process Challenge

Join the Whale Process Challenge

Between our team, we’ve interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs, VP’s and heads of teams. There wasn’t a single one who said that process wasn’t important. It was actually quite the opposite.
Process isn’t the problem, getting process done is the problem.

The Rock You Need to Document Your Processes

The rock you need to document your processes

If you’re unfamiliar with EOS®, you may wonder why we’re talking about rocks for processes? No, you haven’t stumbled onto a blog about geology. We’re talking business and how to achieve your objectives through the Entrepreneurial Operating System using rocks. Here’s the Rock you need to document your processes

The Importance of SOPs: How SOPs Impact ROI

Importance of SOPs and processes

Disorganized processes are one of the top 10 employee pain points, with a whopping 67% of employees saying their company’s broken processes prevent them from maximizing their potential. Bottom line? SOPs are important and essential in your business. Here’s why

Celebrating World and National Entrepreneur’s Day (US)

Celebrate Entrepreneur's Day with Whale

National Entrepreneur’s Day, is celebrated annually on the third Tuesday in November! Entrepreneurs are much of the driving force behind innovation and economic growth. So we wanted to take not a moment or a day but a month to celebrate entrepreneurs everywhere for their grit, perseverance, and contribution.

Tools for Scaling – The TOP Tech Tools Every Startup Needs in 2024

Tools for Scaling for startups 2024

What are the top tech tools for scaling business in 2023?
Clients often ask what technology they should adopt in their organizations to help them scale, so we thought we’d share our own top seven list based on what we use within Whale and from our experience with customers over time.

SOP vs. Work Instructions vs. Process: The Key Differences

Difference Between Process, SOPs, and Work Instructions

You’d be forgiven for being confused if you don’t know the difference between process, SOPs, and work instructions.

For starters, let’s start with the overall objective of all these documents. Essentially, they all aim to improve a business’s efficiency and quality of work. But they have different functions in order to help do that.