3 ways to use what you learned


3 Ways to Use What You Learned This Year

Want to wrap up the year on a high note. Here are 3 ways to use what you learned this year in 2023 to unlock growth in your business.

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3 ways to use what you learned this year in 2023

And that’s a wrap.

Well almost!

No doubt you and your team and frantically running around to maximize on the last two weeks of 2022.

Thank goodness, you just need to coast to the holidays and then that’s it. You’ll deal with everything in the new year?

Not quite.

If you want to unlock growth in 2023 before the year even starts, here are 3 ways to use what you learned.

1. Celebrate how far you’ve come 🎊

Why would you celebrate how far you’ve come? It’s important to just keep going right? After all you don’t stop until you win. And if you stop to reflect, that may just throw you off track right?

Actually, the opposite is true.

Taking the time to recognize your wins at the end of the year will re-fuel you with the energy and motivation you need to move forward in 2023.

Think about where your business was in January and think about everything that happened during the year. No doubt you’ve made progress.

TIP ✨ Even though we always want to be further than where we are, just for a moment, stop to pause with your team and celebrate. Do something out of the ordinary to celebrate the moment! Not sure what to celebrate? Check out some ideas.u7

A man standing on top of a hill, emphasizing the importance of slowing down in order to optimize training processes.

2. Identify your three biggest wins - and be specific 🏆

What were the three biggest wins your business had in 2022?

Try to be as specific as possible. For instance, perhaps you perfected your customer onboarding process but dive into things a little deeper.

  • Where did you start off this year?
  • Where did you end?
  • And now, the most important part; how did you get there?

Yup, this is the process.

Of course, we’re going to tell you to document it in Whale. But if you don’t use Whale, write it down somewhere. And make it part of your secret sauce.

You may find that doubling down in this area in 2023 is going to unlock growth in ways you can’t imagine.

TIP ✨ Why not start a company win list? You can do this on Whale or even just on your company whiteboard. You may think that small wins don’t count but make a list of these too. It’s important to place value on your small wins, too because everything adds up!

A background with a man and a quote emphasizing knowledge and training.

3. What were the learnings? 🤓

It wouldn’t be life and it certainly wouldn’t be entrepreneurship without the challenges along the way.

It’s often easy to get caught up in feeling like you failed but it’s never a failure if you learn along the way.

Get your team together and write a list (5 things maximum) of what didn’t work in 2022. Why didn’t it work? Was it a timing thing? Was it a resource thing? Or was it purely not in line with the business values?

If you’re working on the EOS model, try to identify which component was the problem and how to do this better in 2023.

TIP ✨ Download our Entrepreneurship report to see how other entrepreneurs dealt with their challenges this year. Then reflect on how you’re going to adapt your process in 2023 to refine the way you do things or even use the learnings as opportunities from which to springboard new business growth.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon and a sprint that requires knowledge of processes and procedures for achieving success.

Some of our highlights from 2022

We delivered value & growth

We grew our team to ensure we continue to deliver value and growth to clients.  Check out what our customers said.

ROI of Whale

G2 voted us tops for customer service 🎉

We’re absolutely THRILLED to have been awarded the number one position in not one but three categories on G2.

This includes being rated:

#1🏆 for Ease of Setup
#1🏆 for Quality of Support
#1🏆 for Ease of Use
AND BEST estimated ROI! (okay so that’s four)

Whale Best support on G2

We made it to Spotify wrapped! 🎉

We started our podcast Chaos to Clarity this year and made it onto the top 40 list on Feedspot. We also were featured in the top 30% of business podcasts on Spotify! 

You have attained the top 30% following rate among podcasts.

We helped 100 businesses in our process challenge 🎉

We launched a process challenge to help business owners get their core processes documented, shared and measured in just 14 days!

Whale Process Challenge

We went to Whale school

As all baby whales do🐳, went to surf school to learn how to (and how not to surf). As a result, we learned to work better together and have the coolest pod this side of the pacific ocean!

Team Whale Surf School

We look forward to sharing the journey with you in 2023! Here’s to celebrating and unlocking more growth in the year to come!


We wish you your best year yet! 

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