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With our Slack integration, you can push notifications for process reviews and new assignments directly to your team’s Slack channels. This helps you support your team on a daily basis, ensuring that everyone is informed, engaged, and working together to maintain the consistency and efficiency of your company.


Our Slack integration ensures you stay connected and up-to-date with real-time notifications, making it easier to manage processes and assignments within Whale. This seamless integration helps you keep your team informed and on track, no matter where they are. Here are a few practical use cases to illustrate the benefits:

Use Cases for Slack Integration:

  1. Process Reviews: Receive instant Slack notifications when processes need to be reviewed. This ensures that important workflows are continuously monitored and updated, maintaining efficiency and compliance within your organization. Team members can quickly act on these notifications, ensuring timely reviews and approvals.

  2. New Assignments: Get notified immediately on Slack when you receive new assignments. This helps you prioritize tasks and manage your workload effectively. Team members can stay on top of their responsibilities and ensure that no assignment goes unnoticed, promoting productivity and accountability.

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