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By integrating Whale’s suggestions with Gmail via our Chrome and Microsoft Extensions, you can ensure that your team has immediate access to the right email templates at the right time. This reduces the need for unnecessary questions, enhances productivity, and supports the consistency of your company’s communication.


Our Chrome and Microsoft Extensions for Whale are designed to streamline your workflow by providing timely suggestions directly within your web-based tools. By integrating with Gmail, these extensions can push relevant email templates to your team, reducing unnecessary questions and improving efficiency. Here are a few practical use cases:

Use Cases for Gmail Templates:

  1. Pricing Inquiries: When a team member receives an email asking about pricing, the extension can push a suggestion with the appropriate pricing template. This ensures that the response is accurate, consistent, and sent quickly, reducing the time spent crafting individual replies and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth questions.

  2. Privacy Policy Questions: For emails that involve questions about your company’s privacy policy, the extension can automatically suggest the privacy policy template. This helps ensure that all privacy-related inquiries are handled correctly and consistently, providing clear and comprehensive information to the recipient.

  3. Customer Support Requests: When an email comes in requesting customer support, the extension can suggest a template that includes troubleshooting steps or instructions on how to escalate the issue. This helps support agents respond quickly and efficiently, improving the customer experience and reducing resolution times.

  4. Onboarding New Clients: For emails related to onboarding new clients, the extension can push an onboarding template that includes a welcome message, next steps, and any necessary documentation. This ensures a smooth and professional onboarding process, making new clients feel valued and informed from the start.

  5. Follow-Up Emails: When a team member needs to send a follow-up email, the extension can suggest a follow-up template that includes polite reminders or requests for additional information. This helps maintain professional communication and ensures that all follow-up emails are consistent and effective.

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