6 MASSIVE problems you didn’t know process documentation solves

We know scaling a business in tough. 🤕 There’s ALOT to deal with but did you know process documentation could be helping with many of the challenges you might be facing in scaling? 🤔
6 MASSIVE problems you didn't know process documentation solves

Once upon a time, some new guy on the development team asked for the process documentation on launching a new product release. 


And the founder rolled his eyes because you don’t need those boring old documents to launch a product. 


Besides, everyone knew how to do it anyway. 


And then the company started to spin into chaos.

The end.


Except it’s not the end because you’re here, and that’s not your story. 


We know scaling a business in tough. There’s ALOT to deal with but did you know process documentation could be helping with many of the challenges you might be facing in scaling?

6 massive problems you didn't know process documentation solves

 1. Chaos 🤯

Remember the good ol’ days when there were four of you in the business, and you were just making stuff up as you went along?


You’d grab a coffee and the corner cafe, and you’d come out an hour later with a plan to launch something by the end of the week scribbled on your napkin.

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Then you hired more people, and suddenly you had people asking questions, doing their own thing and someone couldn’t make it to the coffee shop so they didn’t get the memo. Then what you thought was getting done actually wasn’t. 


Welcome to the chaos of scaling. There’s only one way to deal with chaos, and that’s by systemizing things using process documentation.


The first time you do something you try out the process but pretty soon you know what works and what doesn’t. Once it’s documented, it’s easy to implement and becomes a habit of the team.

2. Competition 👿

You see, the thing is, when Henry Ford started out, it was great because there weren’t too many he had to compete with. It was pretty easy to come up with ideas because there were only a few people doing it. 

Now, and we’ve only just begun, everyone and his dog (and his ChatGPT) is coming up with ideas. 💡


Not only that. They’re executing them too! At breakneck speed.

Without documentation, it can be difficult to identify and eliminate bottlenecks or inefficiencies in processes.  And you can’t afford bottlenecks or inefficiencies in today’s market. 


Remember that competition is only a problem if you can’t do what you do best. By documenting processes, your teams can analyze and optimize them to save time and resources.


It’s all about creating a competitive advantage from your very own secret sauce.

3. (In)consistency 🥴

Remember when you had the best burger EVER at that place downtown?

Then you recommended that you and a friend go there to eat, but it wasn’t great at all, and you felt bad for recommending it?

Yup. There’s nothing worse than an inconsistent burger. 🍔

And there’s nothing worse than a business that doesn’t deliver consistently. 


Without proper documentation, processes can vary greatly from one team member to another. This can lead to confusion, inconsistencies, and errors. Process documentation helps establish clear, standardized procedures that everyone can follow

4. Customer issues 😕

“The best marketing is word-of-mouth, but if what is being said is not positive it will make it very difficult to gain new customers.” ~ eShip Global


And this day and age, Google or G2 reviews are just 1 click away.


What you want is happy customers and great reviews!

Without documentation, it can be difficult to communicate processes and procedures effectively to others, both internally and externally. 


Documentation will ensure everyone is on the same page, reducing misunderstandings and errors.

5. Compliance 😳

You’d want to know that your doctor is following process and best practices right? 


But that’s a doctor. That doesn’t apply elsewhere. Oh but it does.


“When one banker exposed his company’s unethical culture in the New York Times, his bank lost $2.15 billion overnight in market value and a debate erupted on social media over banking industry practices….” Forbes


Your customers want to know that you’re dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s just as you want to know from your service providers.


Many industries have strict regulations and compliance requirements that must be met. Without proper documentation, it can be difficult to demonstrate compliance and avoid penalties. 


Process documentation helps ensure that all necessary compliance measures are in place.

AND Continuity ⛔

In the news today…

Newsflash: people have babies, they get sick, they get cast on reality TV shows or they quit.


As much as building a high-performing team that you love, and trust is essential, you need contingency plans in place.


When team members leave, you need to be able to create consistency in the business as quickly as possible. Whether one of your current team members is needed to fill in or you’re hiring new team members, employees can quickly and easily learn their roles and responsibilities by reviewing process documentation, reducing the time and resources required to train them.


Process documentation clearly outlines roles and responsibilities, making it easier to hold team members accountable for their actions.

But this process documentation thing seems hard and boring!

Process documentation can be viewed as tedious or boring by some people, as it often involves a lot of detail-oriented work and the need to follow specific guidelines and formats. However, it helps to ensure consistency, accuracy, and efficiency in operations. 


Well-written process documentation can also serve as a valuable training tool for new employees.


BUT it doesn’t have to be hard and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring! ❌

Making it simple but engaging will make it easy to produce and your team will actually WANT to read it!

✅ Use graphics

✅ Make it simple!

✅ Think like Netflix

✅ Use templates

✅ Create videos

✅ Get your team involved

✅ Use a process content partner (we have some pretty awesome partners at Whale)

Where do we event start?

We’re obviously going to say yes because we believe in what we do. 


Whale, and any great SOP and documentation software, will help you create clarity, consistency, efficiency and a competitive edge in your business.


The thing is that software, and here we’re just talking about Whale, should 


🚀 help you create process documentation easily. Just check out our recent AI Assist™ release.

🚀be a strategic asset to help you spot knowledge gaps and inefficiencies.

🚀 create ROI in your business as a result from using it.

And ultimately, it should assist you in team training, employee onboarding, and unlocking growth.


How do you start?


You just start!


OR you connect with one of the hand-picked Whale partners to help you start!


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