The Netflix Effect

Gone are the days of monotony and yawn-inducing training sessions; today, organizations are adopting a fresh approach to onboard and empower their employees. "The Netflix Effect" is revolutionizing traditional approaches to employee development, ushering in a new era of personalized, engaging, and efficient learning experiences.
The Netflix Effect

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Introduction: The Netflix Effect Explained

Remember when Netflix came to life back in the day and suddenly it was a privilege to watch your favorite series on demand? Welcome to “The Netflix Effect.”

If series can be gripping and binge-worthy then why can’t learning experiences? 

Gone are the days of monotony and yawn-inducing training sessions; today, businesses need to adopt fresh approaches to onboard and empower their employees. So grab your popcorn, and let’s explore how “The Netflix Effect” could change your onboarding and training game for the better!

Episode 1: "Unlimited Choices, Tailored Experience"

Remember when Netflix started to revolutionize our viewing experience with its vast library of shows and movies? 

Well, the same idea is shaking up traditional onboarding and training programs. Just like choosing what to watch on Netflix, why can’t your employees now have access to a buffet of resources tailored to their needs and preferences?

From interactive modules to engaging videos and gamified learning, it’s possible to create curated learning paths that cater to individual learning styles. This personalized touch ensures that employees are fully invested in their development journey, leading to increased motivation and productivity. The days of one-size-fits-all onboarding are fading fast, making way for a more dynamic and captivating experience.

"It starts right from our hiring process. We don't use boring job descriptions and certainly wouldn't expect anyone to engage with our brand if they didn't get super excited from the get go..."
A sop on a table.
Resident Whale


Set up personalized learning flows for new team members based on their role.

Episode 2: "Binge-Worthy Content: Engaging and Informative"

Let’s be honest – we’ve all had those moments when a Netflix series captivated us to the point where we couldn’t stop watching. What if you took this approach to developing and creating training content? 

Try embracing storytelling, humor, and interactive elements in your training content. Say goodbye to lengthy, text-heavy presentations, and welcome engaging videos and scenarios that resonate with employees on a personal level. This fresh approach keeps the audience invested, helps with information retention, and encourages employees to willingly return for more knowledge bites.


It literally takes 30 minutes to create a fun onboarding video as opposed to a 20 page document. We know because we did this one to explain to new hires, everything they need to know on day 1, where it’s all about meeting the team and getting used to Whale.

Episode 3: "Release and Refresh: Learning at Your Own Pace"

Remember how eagerly we waited for the next season of our favorite Netflix series? There’s no reason not to adopt a similar model in your business – releasing new content regularly and encouraging continuous learning. We did this with our Life at Whale podcast, releasing episodes on a weekly basis.

The traditional approach, employee training, used to be a one-and-done deal. But now you can implement “The Netflix Effect,” to move towards a culture of continuous learning. By providing employees with access to a vast repository of on-demand resources, they can learn at their own pace and revisit material whenever they need a refresher. This flexibility empowers employees to take charge of their development, fostering a growth mindset that translates into better performance.


Share a list of resources that team members can access when they want to or in a matter that fits in with their workload. Keep these centralized on an employee training platform like Whale to keep things organized.

Episode 4: "Data-Driven Insights: Making Informed Decisions"

Netflix doesn’t just guess which shows we might like; it leverages data to recommend content tailored to our tastes. Similarly, it’s important to start utilizing data-driven insights for employee onboarding and training.

By analyzing the training data, you can identify areas where employees might need additional support or find aspects of the training that resonate particularly well. These insights enable HR and L&D teams to fine-tune their training strategies and ensure that learning initiatives are aligned with business goals. Data-driven decisions mean a more efficient and effective learning experience for employees, leading to better performance and overall success.


Do you know what resources are accessed? Or do you know what information is often searched for but isn’t available for team members? Using employee training technology can help you in creating a data driven approach to learning and development.

Episode 5: "The Power of Reviews: Feedback for Growth"

We all check out reviews before watching a movie on Netflix, and now, feedback mechanisms are transforming employee training. The power of reviews lies in their ability to capture constructive input from employees, ensuring continuous improvement.

Through surveys, assessments, and interactive quizzes, your business can collect feedback on the effectiveness of their training programs. This valuable input allows you to address pain points, update content, and tailor future learning experiences based on what truly works. Embracing feedback as a cornerstone of the training process fosters a culture of open communication and growth within the organization.


Utilize quizzes to assess how much knowledge your team retains.

Episode 6: "Watch and Learn Anywhere, Anytime"

Ah, the beauty of Netflix – we can watch our favorite shows and movies whenever and wherever we want. Whether it’s during our daily commute, a lunch break, or curled up in bed, the freedom to choose when and where to watch is a game-changer. And guess what? If you use “The Netflix Effect” in your business, you can bring this same engagement and convenience to employee onboarding and training.

In the past, traditional training sessions often required team members to gather in a physical location at a specific time, leading to scheduling conflicts and added stress. But with the rise of digital learning platforms and mobile apps, the world of training has become more accessible than ever.

Employees can now log in to their learning portal from any device – be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone – and access training materials on-the-go. From interactive modules to live webinars and video, the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere is empowering both for businesses and their teams!

Imagine a scenario: an employee is waiting for their flight at the airport. Instead of twiddling their thumbs, they open up their training app and dive into a quick module, making the most of their downtime. Or picture an employee commuting to work via public transport, tuning into a live webinar that enhances their skills while on the move. With “Watch and Learn Anywhere, Anytime,” employees can seamlessly integrate learning into their daily routines, maximizing productivity and knowledge retention.


Ensure you utilze an onboarding and training platform that has an app or that team members can access anywhere and anytime. And don’t forget to use video and rich media to get keep them engaged!

The Netflix Effect and the Bottom Line

From unlimited choices and binge-worthy content to continuous learning and data-driven insights, you can embrace this transformative approach to keep your employees engaged and empowered. Just like a well-crafted series, this new wave of training ensures that employees are hooked from the first episode to the last, resulting in a blockbuster performance for businesses worldwide. So lights, camera, and success – roll the credits!

Now, grab your remote (or your Whale 🐳  for that matter), and let’s start streaming your way to excellence!

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