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How using Whale generates true, measurable ROI

Aim for tangible impact

When choosing a solution in process documentation and training, it can be quite challenging to predict the eventual business impact.

That’s where this calculator comes in. Drawing on industry benchmarks, we can provide you with solid indications on what your company will gain from using Whale to create centralized process documentation and making it accessible to your teams.

Cost of creating documentation

Whale ROI Calculator





ROI on creating documentation

Managers and subject matter expert spend 3 hours on average creating static text procedures.
With Whale's screen recorder, step recorder and AI Assist they only spend 15 minutes.

ROI on finding documentation

Employees dig through scattered information 20 times a month, wasting 15 minutes per search on average.
With Whale they will instantly get that time back.

ROI on training employees

Managers spend on average 8 hours per month training employees on the same subjects.
With Whale they will win back 7 hours to spend on more valuable interactions and coaching.

Unlock the next level of growth today!

Whale is the simple yet powerful standard operating procedure software. Explore the easiest way to document, train and measure SOPs today!