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How Apex Graphics is documenting pharmaceutical knowledge

Highly specialised processes for the pharmaceutical industry

60+ team members

40 years worth of knowledge

How Apex Graphics uses Whale to document and train

An Introduction to Apex Graphics

Robert Townsend is the Quality Assurance Manager at Apex Graphics.

Located in Canada, just outside of Toronto, the group supplies packaging products primarily to the pharmaceutical industry.

As a part of the pharmaceutical supply chain, they were looking for a way to keep their highly specific processes organized and able to be used for training purposes.

“Given the strict specifications of the pharmaceutical industry, it’s critical that all our processes are documented and that we have very solid training records. We were finding it to be a challenge to keep these processes organized and used efficiently for training.

So we were looking for a platform that would enable us to keep this kind of documentation well organized but also make our training more efficient. And it looks like we found it with Whale!

A man in a suit and tie demonstrates knowledge for the camera.

Rob Townsend

Quality Assurance Manager, Apex Graphics

Centralizing information in a traditional industry

"WHALE is definitely going to save us a lot of time when it comes to group training sessions. There will be less of a drain on our operation when we have to conduct training which will make a big impact."

The newspaper printing process includes documentation and follows specific SOPs.

Quality is a fundamental belief system at Apex Graphics. It’s reflected in their systems and procedures. Systems and procedures that are continually being improved through internal and external audits, on-going training and extensive documentation. It really is the key to their success.

With process being so fundamental to the business, it was essential that the team be able to update and share updates processes automatically.

What specific features were looking for?

When we were looking, we wanted a solution for efficient training. Something that would save time but also promote self-training.

For this reason, we love the mobile application!

Team members can train on their own time if they so choose, at home, or even when they’re on the bus, through their application.

In utilizing Whale, the team has been able to deliver on;

"We've been surprised at just how easy it's been to set up. We were able to just take our existing SOPs and reformat them within the Whale environment. And the workspace was easily customisable so it took no time at all."

“Using Whale is really impressive. Whale is very easy to use and very accessible and user-friendly. And on the off chance, I had a question, we were always well supported by the Whale team.”

A man in a suit and tie demonstrates knowledge for the camera.

Rob Townsend

Quality Assurance Manager, Apex Graphics

The best documentation and training solution for specialist industries

Get your teams aligned faster with Whale.

The Challenge

Apex Graphics has been supplying packaging products to the pharmaceutical industry for over 40 years.

Organizing and efficiently training employees on highly specific documented processes had became increasingly challenging with the growth of the business.

The Solution

Whale has not only helped organize the group’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes but also streamlined training, making documentation easily accessible and training more efficient for both new and existing employees.


Implementing Whale has created a base of standardized and centralized processes.

The goal now is to have ALL employees access information easily through Whale, and its intuitive design. This will result in time saving and efficiency in terms of team training.