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Customer Success Story

How Spartan Plumbing is Systemizing with Whale

1 Centralized knowledge base

+45 years of industry experience

Highly specialized processes for plumbing

How Spartan Plumbing documented on Whale to ramp up new hires

Adi Klevit is a Whale Certified Partner and the CEO of Business Success Consulting Group. She worked with CEO Josh Ferguson to document the company’s process to help organize the business and ramp up new hires.

“I always tell my clients, if nothing is documented or it’s not all in one place, then you as the owner, as the manager, you’re being asked all these questions and you have to repeat yourself all the time. Not only that but the business is consistently going to be disorganized”

Adi Klevit

Adi Klevit

CEO of Business Success Consulting Group

Whale and Adi made the perfect combination

Spartan Plumbing team

Jason, CEO of Spartan Plumbing, wanted to;

✅ To be more efficient in working out in the field

✅ To be able to train new hires easily and quickly

✅ To stop having to answer questions so he could focus on business growth

"Whale is the playbook for everyone's positions in the company. It makes it easier to navigate the daily in's and out's.

Josh says that anytime he’s asked a question, he now tries to create a playbook for it. So he turns every question into an opportunity for growth. 

According to Josh you can grow up to 50% quicker using Whale!

How does Whale help with process?

The initial step in Adi’s process involved mapping out the entire workflow of the company and identifying core processes such as HR, sales, operations, and accounting. Information is then extracted and organized into boards, libraries, playbooks, and cards on Whale so it can be easily shared with team members in the field. No matter when and where. 

Previously we used to onboard in a very unstructured way, letting people figure it out, ask or make up their own way of doing things. Now everyone knows what to do and when, whether they're in the field, or not.

In utilizing Whale, Josh now has;

“Small hiccups add up in a business after a while. Whale has completely changed the way we work. Now we have a policy and procedure for 80% of the business, which eliminates most of those errors. With the help of Adi, we didn’t even have to worry about the time it takes to get it done. Adi took care of it all for us. 

Posternock Apell office

Josh Ferguson

CEO of Spartan Plumbing

The best documentation and training solution

Get your teams aligned faster with Whale.

The Challenge

Spartan Plumbing has over 45 years of experience in the plumbing business.

CEO Josh Feguson sought the help of Whale Certified Partner Adi Klevit to help document the company’s processes and procedures.

The Solution

Adi met with the team with various individuals within the company to gather necessary information, which was recorded, extracted, and presented in various formats including videos, screenshots, and written documents.

They also solicit input on best practices and assess whether there are opportunities for process improvement.

Once the processes were refined, they were documented in Whale. Then they were rolled out to the company, ensuring that everyone was familiar with them and actively applying them in their day-to-day operations.


The biggest result? Time saving!

Josh now utilizes the documented processes to handle inquiries and continually updates them as needed, fostering a culture of continuous improvement within his organization. The team asks less questions and new hires ramp up faster.

Josh now has a structured foundation for decision-making and problem-solving using processes for growth.