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How Wasatch I.T. is training with Whale

1 centralized knowledge base

+50 team members

Highly specialized processes for the IT industry

How Wasatch I.T. uses Whale for employee onboarding and training

Sean Beck is the Director of Professional Development at Wasatch I.T.

The company, now over 20 years old, provides remote and scheduled on-site support nationally.

As a company that Runs on EOS®, processes are a core part of their business. The team now uses Whale to onboard and train their team members.

“We sought a solution to streamline the dissemination of policies and ensure users comprehended them. Additionally, our internal technical training required a more effective delivery method. Previously, gauging comprehension was challenging. Now, with Whale, we’re efficiently dispatching this training to employees as they reach specific milestones toward certifications.”

Sean Beck Wasatch IT

Sean Beck

Director of Professional Development, Wasatch I.T.

Finding a partner to help document and train

Wasatch IT team

The team at Wasatch I.T. had the following requirements:

✅ Ease of creating new documents and having multiple people view them.

✅ To ensure that training for processes and policies could shared automatically.

✅ To be able to track whether team members had read the assigned processes and policies.

"With Whale, new hires get up to speed faster. I’m regularly receiving feedback that they're enjoying the onboarding experience."

The team, now sized at around 50, prioritized the employee onboarding experience in order to get new team members up to speed faster.

This meant finding a solution to not only help document and centralize all company processes and policies but finding a solution that helped share the information easily with team members. This is why the team chose Whale as their ideal solution.

What specific features were looking for?

The team loves that they can add suggestions to their playbooks or cards.

It means that new employees who access new websites and use new tools, can automatically access information that’s relevant to what they’re doing without having to leave the application or website in which they’re working.

As Utah's largest locally owned outsourced IT company, Wasatch I.T. uses a F.A.S.T.E.R. System and processes to ensure quality delivery to customers. Finding a platform that ensures that team members could be trained on these processes was essential.

In utilizing Whale, the team has been able to deliver on;

“I oversee the ongoing training of our technical staff. I rely on Whale to compile the necessary training materials and assessments. This ensures not only the documentation of information but also the evaluation of their knowledge. Consequently, we can rest assured that our team members are equipped with the required information.” 

Sean Beck Wasatch IT

Sean Beck

Director of Professional Development, Wasatch I.T.

The best documentation and training solution for specialist industries

Get your teams aligned faster with Whale.

The Challenge

Wasatch I.T. has been specializing in IT for over 20 years. With highly specialized knowledge and as a company that runs on EOS®, sharing processes is essential.

The team was looking for a solution to onboard and train their team members on their specialized processes. And to be able to track the learning implemented.

The Solution

Whale was implemented to make it easy for policies and information to be sent out and read. The team can also now verify that users have read and understood it.


Implementing Whale has helped Wasatch I.T. ramp up new employee onboarding time and improve the employee onboarding experience.

Additionally, team training is now automatically shared with team members in the apps in which they work making work more efficient.