Your New Hires are Dory’s

Your new hires are Dory's

What does Dory the Fish have to do with new hires and the onboarding process? As it turns out a lot!
By acknowledging the Dory effect, employers can set realistic expectations and adopt strategies that facilitate the learning process for new hires.

Remote Employee Onboarding: 7 Ways to Avoid a Disaster

A man sitting at a table with a laptop during remote employee onboarding

Isn’t is a dream when new team members join? The SWAG! The coffee and new conversations! The excitement of the first day!
But how does remote employee onboarding work? Here’s how to set new team members up for the win!

Three Tips to Keep your Top-Rated Talent in your Scale-Up

Tips to keep top-rated talent in a scale-up

With the hiring and firing spree currently taking place in tech, you’d be mistaken for thinking that finding and keeping top-rated talent would be easy.

Whilst high profile companies including Uber, Microsoft, Twitter, Wayfair, Snap and Facebook-parent Meta have announced hiring freezes, others such as Netflix, Peloton and more are justifying layoffs.

Why Purpose is your UBER strategy!

Why purpose is your UBER strategy blog

Purpose is intangible.

Not so says Pepe Marais, founding partner, and Integrated Group Chief Creative Officer of brand and communication group Joe Public United, one of South Africa’s biggest success stories in advertising.
We recently chatted to Pepe on what it means to have purpose