Employee Onboarding & Training

What's the best way to onboard new team members? And how do you train your team members for the benefit of all. We've got you covered in everything employee onboarding and training.

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"AI to disrupt 40% of all jobs" says the IMF but what if it could be the answer too? Let's look at the role of AI in employee training and 6 interesting ways to use it in your organization.
Stas Kulesh and David Kravitz started Karma in 2018 after a mission to up their internal employee engagement. We spoke to David Kravitz on his journey as a co-founder and why employee engagement matters more than ever.
Training your employees is — dare we say — one of the most strategic investments a business can ever make. Here are 7 steps to building an employee training program the delivers return on investment and one that your team will love.
Not sure what employee training can offer you and your employees? We spoke to a few experts on the unexpected benefits of employee training. Discover 10 surprising benefits of employee training that can transform your workforce and drive meaningful growth in your business.
Imagine stepping into a world where the first day at a new job is not a maze of confusion but a well-orchestrated symphony of productivity. A world where employees are greeted with open arms, armed with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive from the very beginning. It’s not impossible. And we’ve got the answer for you; Must-have employee onboarding templates.
Creating an onboarding program that makes employees want to stick around for years can take time, patience, and a few trials and errors along the way to master. We’ll tell you some of the onboarding mistakes you need to avoid.

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