Are you working in the zone of pressure?


Are you Working in the Zone of Pressure?

How you work really matters! If you and your team are working in the zone of pressure, it’s time to get out! Here's how to do it!

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How you work really matters. You know because you feel it.


The Zone of Pressure!


It feels like chaos…


You know, where you feel like you’re on a treadmill? There’s nothing but a mountain of tasks and just never enough time. Everyone keeps asking you questions. You try to get on top of it all and even work on Sunday afternoons, but it never seems to lighten the workload. Your general state of being is overwhelm.


Working in the pressure zone can negatively impact your work effectiveness. And health!


If you and your team are working in the zone of pressure, it’s time to get out!

But what are the different zones of work?

Benj Miller recently shared this concept from his 261 daily mailer. In the mail, he shared the three zones of work. 


They are namely;

1. The zone of pressure

  • Feels like being goal-driven, but it’s really fear-driven.
  • Nothing is ever enough, and everybody needs more from you.
  • The currency of this zone is your effort, getting ahead, and pushing harder.

💡The reality of this zone: you can’t outrun the pressure.

2. The zone of comfort

    • Feels like a state of bliss, but it’s really purposeless.
    • The old "problems"  from the Pressure Zone don’t exist; this is the "American Dream."
    • The currency of this zone is your time and seemingly endless resources.
    • You are listless and absorbed in menial activities instead of purposeful work.

💡 The reality of this zone: you give up the value you can create to be comfortable but, in truth, aren’t necessarily gaining traction.

3. The zone of trust (and Growth!)

      • It feels grounded, even when you’re under pressure.
      • Problems don’t disappear, but you are confident and settled as you address them. (And address them you do!)
      • The currency in this zone is becoming increasingly inwardly sound, and others focused.

💡 The reality in this zone: you are rooted in your purpose, believe you matter, and your work is purposeful.

How to move out of the zone of pressure to trust and momentum?

If you’re in the comfort zone, it’s easy enough to find the time to refocus on the mission.

“Okay, fabulous, but I’m in the zone of pressure, and each day feels like a hurricane, so how do I change it when I don’t have time to breathe?”

What we’re about to tell you will sound absolutely horrific in the midst of a massive to-do list. But it works!




Yes. Stop. 

It’s time to systemize your business.

This means three things;

  1. Refocus on purpose.
  2. Create processes and train your team members so that everyone is on the same page.
  3. Utilize an operating system to create accountability and focused work.

What does this look like in reality?

So you’re all going to come to work and sing all day long?


Does it mean there won’t be pressure?

Also no.

"While the popular press talks of stress as a negative to be avoided, seasoned managers know better. If you’re trying to drum up new business, get a customer’s order out on time, or hit your numbers for the quarter, a little stress goes a long way. It’s even more important when you’re trying to transform your business or revitalize a sagging culture. That’s when you need enough stress to motivate action."  Harvard Business Review

It’s all about alignment and stretch

Delphis Pressure Performance Curve

Whilst we may admit it or not, as humans, we like to be stretched. This is especially as entrepreneurs and teams working in scaling businesses.

We like a challenge and love to be hitting goals. So this is what moving out of the zone of pressure and into the zone of trust and growth is all about.

When you’re ‘on purpose’ and have a system that tells you whether you’re hitting your goals and things are buzzing, that’s a great place to be.


✅ INDIVIDUALLY; Team members feel like they’re contributing to the growth of the company.

✅ TEAM; Everyone is on the same page

✅ COMPANY; The company is achieving its growth objectives.

✅ COLLECTIVELY; The company is adding value to the lives of its customers.

Do you want to know how easy it is to grow your business just by documenting your processes? Let’s connect

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