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How to build an agile organization

If there’s any trend that’s emerged in recent years, it’s one of constant change. It’s why building an agile organization is more than a buzzword; it’s essential for operating in complex environments.

The Employee Handbook of Whale

The NUMBER 1 Playbook every business needs is 🥁🥁🥁 👉 The employee handbook 👈 Before you sit back in your chair with a sigh of deflation, let’s tell you why this little document will change the trajectory of your business.


With a workforce spanning nearly 420,000 people across 114 countries, it’s impossible to imagine how Hilton manages to maintain its world-renowned customer service! We spoke to the GM of the the Canopy by Hilton Portland to find out the secret to employee onboarding.

Keeping top-rated talent in a scale-up

With the hiring and firing spree currently taking place in tech, you’d be mistaken for thinking that finding and keeping top-rated talent would be easy. Whilst high profile companies including Uber, Microsoft, Twitter, Wayfair, Snap and Facebook-parent Meta have announced hiring freezes, others such as Netflix, Peloton and more are justifying layoffs.

Overcome random acts of marketing

In 2017, Jennifer Zick founded Authentic Brand to help growing businesses Overcome Random Acts of Marketing™ to achieve next-level growth. An experienced revenue builder, Jennifer had held sales and marketing executive roles for a variety of start-up and global enterprise organizations, where she thrived in building strong brands, teams, and customer relationships. We recently hosted Jennifer on the most recent episode of the Chaos to Clarity podcast.

The difference between process, SOPs, and work instructions

You’d be forgiven for being confused if you don’t know the difference between process, SOPs, and work instructions. For starters, let’s start with the overall objective of all these documents. Essentially, they all aim to improve a business's efficiency and quality of work. But they have different functions in order to help do that.

Google Chrome extensions

Entrepreneurship is a busy practice with serious dedication needed to unlock growth. No one has time to log in to different applications daily to ensure they’re accessing certain features. Google’s Chrome Web Store has thousands of free downloadable extensions available. As we’ve made it our mission to help entrepreneurs unlock growth, we thought we’d share some of our favorite extensions.

networking in business Whale blog

The value of networking in business cannot be underestimated. A strong network is one of an entrepreneur's most valuable assets with benefits ranging from emotional support to tangible referrals and investment.

rocks for processes blog

If you’re unfamiliar with EOS®, you may wonder why we’re talking about rocks for processes? No, you haven’t stumbled onto a blog about geology. We’re talking business and how to achieve your objectives through the Entrepreneurial Operating System using rocks. Here's the Rock you need to document your processes