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Naming your SOPs on Whale blog

Imagine you’ve put in the time and effort to actually create and transfer your company information and processes into one centralized hub, like Whale. But then no one accesses them because the names are abstract or obtuse? Naming your SOPs properly is key!

Purpose is your UBER strategy

Purpose is intangible. Not so says Pepe Marais, founding partner, and Integrated Group Chief Creative Officer of brand and communication group Joe Public United, one of South Africa’s biggest success stories in advertising. We recently chatted to Pepe on what it means to have purpose

How to review your SOPs

Why on earth would you need to review your SOPs? 🤔 Surely once you’ve gone through the challenge and effort of assimilating your company processes and SOPs, that’s enough? SOPs are a vital part of your company’s life force and are bound to change along with the company's growth.

4 ways great employee onboarding impacts business growth

Great employee onboarding isn’t just about feeling good. It’s directly correlated to your business growth.

Chaos to Clarity

We started the Chaos to Clarity podcast to help entrepreneurs 10x in 10 minutes. Here's why

The 5 Steps to community building for scale-ups

Community building is a hot topic for start-ups and scale-ups currently. Check out the 5 steps to building an engaged community. Check out the 5 steps to building an engaged community featured on the latest episode of Chaos to Clarity.

Forget time management

Time management was all the rage in the 80s but there’s a whole new level of complexity in today’s world. Time management in today’s world isn’t going to cut it...

How to gain Traction by Supercharging your meetings

I wish we had another Zoom meeting, said no one ever! We spoke to Isaiah Nolte, Integrator and President at Traction® Tools, on "How to scale your business by supercharging meetings - 4 tips to getting it right" on the first-ever episode of the Chaos to Clarity podcast.

How to create SOPs for your startup to help you scale blog

Why do you need SOPs for your startup? It matters because without them you’ll be putting out the same fires 🔥 twice, or a hundred times over!