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Implementing Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Streamline surveying, monitoring, inspections, and enhance safety measures with construction drones

Utilizing Drones for Construction

Streamline surveying, monitoring, inspections, and enhance safety measures with construction drones

Adopting Construction Management Software

Template to adopt construction management software, from improved project management to enhanced scalability.

V/TO™ building Process in EOS®

With this template outline your process for using the V/TO tool within your company.

Sales Process

Ensure that your organization's products or services are effectively sold to customers, while maintaining strong customer relationships and generating additional sales opportunities

Marketing Process

Ensure that your organization's products or services are effectively promoted to the target market, while generating leads and driving sales.

Finance Process

A template to provide a clear and standardized framework for managing financial activities within your organization.

HR Process

A guidebook or reference manual for HR professionals and managers, outlining the steps and procedures to be followed in various HR activities.

Vendor Management Template

Vendor Management Template with cost performance, quality of deliverables, timely delivery & risk management KPIs.

Sales Script Template

A collection of proven sales scripts to guide your sales team towards success.

Our Products & Services Template

An overview of the exceptional products and services your company offers

Accounts Receivable Template

A template for managing and optimizing incoming payments from clients.

Benefits & Perks Template

Detail the perks and benefits that make your company an attractive place to work.

Objection Handling Template

Techniques and strategies to address common objections and close deals.

Competitive Battlecards Template

A template to equip your sales team with competitive insights and strategies.

Customer Service Process Template

A roadmap for managing projects efficiently from start to finish.

Marketing Process Template

Use this template to ensure that your business generates awareness and high-quality leads.

Financial Reporting Template

A template for generating insightful reports that drive data-informed decision-making.

Customer Success Story Template

Inspiring success stories that showcase your company's ability to meet customer needs.

Job Descriptions Template

Craft compelling roles that attract the best candidates for your team's success

People Directory Template

Use our people directory template to get organized and connect your people to their purpose and to each other.

Event Marketing Template

A guide to planning and executing successful events that leave a lasting impact.

Compensation Policies Template

Navigate pay structures and remuneration with this compensation policies template.

30-60-90 Day Onboarding Plan

A step-by-step plan to onboard new employees successfully in their first months

Accounts Payable Template

A guide to handling outgoing payments and maintaining healthy vendor relationships.

Welcome to the Company Template

A warm and informative introduction to help new employees feel at home

Hiring Process Template

This template is your guide to hiring the best talent for open roles in your company.