Implementing processes? You need change management

Why you need change management

Yes! You’re excited!

It’s time for innovation and growth in the company! You’ve got new processes and you’re ready to roll!

But your colleagues and team members may not be as excited about it as you.
Here’s why you absolutely need change management

Why You Should Care About “Jobs to be Done!”

Jobs to be done book

We recently hosted Jim Kalbach on the Unlocking Growth Podcast speaking
about his book “The Jobs To Be Done Playbook”.
We wanted to know the essentials on HOW TO align markets to customers
needs but first, what on earth does “Jobs to be done” mean?

AI is Coming to a Business Near You

A group of people in front of an AI tool

Whale, let’s ChatGPT…

Unless you’ve been living away on another galaxy, you’ve heard of the latest artificial intelligence (AI) project to hit the planet.
In this article, we’ll look at why every business needs to invest in AI and actually why you probably already have.

How to Create an In-quiz-ative Learning Culture?

Use quizzes to create and foster a learning culture.

Learning culture. It’s a buzz word.
“The single biggest driver of business impact is the strength of an organisation’s learning culture”, Josh Bersin

But what exactly is a learning culture, and why is it important? And how do you encourage team members to become more in-quiz-itive?

The Essentials of Networking in Business

Essentials of networking in business Whale blog

The value of networking in business cannot be underestimated. A strong network is one of an entrepreneur’s most valuable assets with benefits ranging from emotional support to tangible referrals and investment.

12 Ways to Improve Your Client Onboarding Process

A group of people sitting at a table in an office during a client onboarding process.

It’s no secret that first impressions matter. The same goes for business relationships – especially when you’re trying to land new clients.

That’s why having a strong client onboarding process is essential to the success of any business. After all, it’s the first step in building a lasting relationship with your client.

The State of Entrepreneurship Report

The State of Entrepreneurship Report

To celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day, we interviewed entrepreneurs across the globe to gain insight into the challenges and critical factors of success facing scaling businesses in 2022. We present the State of Entrepreneursgip Report