A Complete Guide to Digital Employee Onboarding

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The digital workplace represents the future of work, offering numerous benefits for businesses and employees alike. Here’s what to consider, how to implement the best strategy and tools to consider.

The Best ClickUp Alternatives for 2024

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Looking for the best ClickUp alternative?
Finding the right productivity tool is essential for maximizing efficiency and collaboration within your team. While ClickUp is a popular choice, there are several alternatives worth considering.

HR Automation: Top Tools and Examples

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As AI and its effects have a greater impact on businesses, HR’s role in achieving this is now more critical than ever.
So, how can HR automation help? What exactly does HR automation entail, why do you need it, and how do you select the best software for your company?

What is an Employee Training Matrix? And How Do You Create One?

A group of six diverse people wearing conference badges are sitting and standing, smiling and engaging in a lively conversation about the new training matrix, with one holding a tablet.

A training matrix is a visual tool for tracking and managing the training and development of employees within your business. But did you know it’s a strategic tool too? If utilized properly an employee training matrix will help you realize your business vision.